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It’s great to see that the British Columbia Ministry of Education is hard at work to introduce BC’s Education Plan in the upcoming years. One of the great aspects of it is that it plans for better communication with parents and more frequent assessments and performance reporting for BC students. It’s crucial to know where each child stands and where the learning gaps are. When new parents call us we do an initial assessment to see where their children stand, where they need to improve, and what grade goal they have. We noticed that many parents feel that they don’t really know where their students stand, as report cards are not handed out often enough. By the time their student brings home a report card, an entire term is gone.

This is exactly why we use a frequent assessing and reporting technique to get those grades up quickly. We know that high school students cannot afford wasted time, as they need to do their best in school to increase their chances of getting accepted into better universities and colleges. Every minute counts.

Our method is simple. Through frequent assessments, we know exactly where the learning gaps are. We focus on the students’ weaknesses to resolve issues quickly. Here is how it works:



Students’ skills and knowledge are assessed regularly using our system. MyGradeBooster’s system provides continuous assessment of  your child’s level in the school subject and gives us valuable insight about the students’ knowledge gaps. Many tutoring companies do provide the initial assessment, however, MyGradeBooster takes it a step further by continuously assessing how the child is doing so that his/her grades can be improved quickly. It is truly the best customized program that caters to the unique needs and goals of every high school student.



Our quantitative progress reporting is like receiving a report card for your child every month. Parents and children can see the results of their tutoring sessions and the direct effects on the student’s marks. We encourage you to print the progress reports and compare them from month to month. So many of our students have made significant jumps within just one month! Parents love the fact that they are involved in their child’s progress and can see improvement over such short period of time.


We are a local tutoring company and use the BC school curriculum to boost students’ grades. Our tutors are experts in Math (grades 1-12), Science (science 8, science 9, science 10), Chemistry (chemistry 11, chemistry 12), Physics (physics 11, physics 12), and Biology (biology 11, biology 12).

Our services are offered all around Vancouver, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.

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About MyGradeBoosterMyGradeBooster was founded by Mehrnaz Bassiri. Mehrnaz is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and the Daily Zen and is the recipient of the 2014 Youth Entrepreneur Award sponsored by Futurpreneur Canada.

Mehrnaz graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Science and after spending four years in the biotech sector she decided to follow her passion for education. She and her team at MyGradeBooster use school subjects as a tool to teach K-12 students the key skills they need for their post-secondary education and employment.

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