Vancouver’s Award Winning Tutoring services

What makes Vancouver’s MyGradeBooster tutoring services an award winning company

We pride ourselves on our results oriented programs and unique method of delivery over other Vancouver tutoring services.

The ‘A+ System’

We have become a leader in the tutoring industry in Vancouver due largely to our unique and guaranteed “A+ System” for aligning the student with the most effective Learning Mentor to achieve results. The A+ System ensures an Assessment for the student’s specific needs and goals is performed, a Learning Mentor is selected based on specific Alignment with the student needs, the student and Learning Mentor take Action and begin the education process and ongoing progress and results are measured to ensure Accountability.


Goal and Grade Focused Learning

Students need strong test taking skills to convey their knowledge throughout their high school and university years. Unfortunately, some students misinterpret test questions, can’t finish tests on time or are plagued by exam anxiety. But that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the material – they just need a little extra help honing their test taking skills.


BC School Curriculum Learning Management System

Using material from the BC school curriculum, MyGradeBooster’s Learning Management System offers students a wide variety of opportunities to develop their test taking skills. Each home tutoring session is customized to work on a student’s individual needs, plus weekly progress is tracked and evaluated to develop his or her confidence in the exam room.


Monthly Quantitative Progress Reports 

The transition from middle school to high school is a tricky time for teenagers. Students must navigate a new school, make new friends and get to know new teachers, plus they face higher academic expectations to prepare themselves for university or college. At MyGradeBooster, we recognize these challenges and support our students in this transition to preserve their consistent academic achievement. Our Learning Mentors keep an eye out for potential struggles with Grade 8 students, or those who have changed schools. If any issues arise, we work with parents, school teachers and counsellors to help students thrive.


Academic, Professional, Fun Team

Self-confidence and independence allow students to feel comfortable answering unfamiliar and challenging questions on their own. This skill is one of the key ingredients for academic success in school and university, as it lets students use ideas and theories they already know to tackle something new. MyGradeBooster’s Learning Management System builds self-confidence through problem solving, and caters to each student’s objectives.


Creators of “Learning Mentor” Success Principles

At MyGradeBooster we believe five principles are integral to be a successful “Learning Mentor” for students – Skills, Personality, Communication, Results Tracking and a Learning Management System.



Why Parents Choose MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services Over Other Vancouver Tutoring Services and Tutors


We provide tutors in math, physics, chemistry & biology, English, French and social studies for grades 1-12. We go above and beyond in every aspect of your child’s tutoring to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your experience with us.


Basic Services

  •  Results focused, goal oriented in-home tutoring conveniently conducted at the client’s house.
  • Knowledge of the BC school curriculum.
  • One-on-one tutoring.

Additional Services

  •  We offer sessional qualitative progress reports.
  • We provide monthly quantitative progress reports.
  • We are committed to stay current with changes to the BC curriculum.
  • We offer monthly check-ins with parents.
  • We have academic coaches working behind the scenes, who maintain regular contact with students and parents.
  • We have an aim-to-impress service mission.

Systems in Place

  • Guaranteed Best Tutor Fit.
  • 5 Principles of a Successful Learning Mentor employed, in order to hire the best tutors.
  • BC curriculum Learning Management System.
  • An academic mentor (tutor) and an academic coach work together as a team with your child, to achieve the best results.


  • Tutors are hired through a 3-step interview: a telephone interview, an in-person skills assessment (including a written examination as well as a sample tutoring session interview), and finally background checks.
  • Highly selective tutor recruitment process: out of every 25 resumes, usually only 3-4 are invited for an in-person interview, and 2 are selected to tutor.
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