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All students need a little help sometimes and our tutors are that helping hand for your child. Our students have ranged in their learning capabilities from having learning disorders to being grades advanced to where they “should be”. We believe that every child is unique and learns differently. That is something to celebrate and we use these differences during tutoring sessions to help progress your child in the way that works best for them.

Why in-home tutoring?

Your child is most comfortable at home, they are in a familiar environment with minimal distraction. We understand what it is like to have a family and be constantly on the go. By providing in-home tutoring we also provide ease of service to you and your family without having to worry about the session beforehand to try to rally up the kids into the car to go to the center. It saves you time, wear and tear on your vehicle, and hopefully provides you with ease of mind knowing that your child is in the next room. (It even gives you the ability to listen in on sessions, which you would not be able to do at a center.)

How our tutoring sessions work

The method of tutoring we use is formative assessment based, meaning we are keen observers. We uncover your students’ thinking and logic, discover what they know and don’t know, and probe for misunderstandings and misconceived notions. We meet your student where they are at academically and help them to either catch up or go beyond what is being taught in the classroom, depending on their goals. We match our teaching to their learning style and work collaboratively with each students’ support system to create a customized study schedule, all from the comfort of your home.

Help with test anxiety

Elementary and high school years are the best times for students to practice the art of testing well and learn to manage their exam anxiety. Once they start college or university, not only the amount of content taught increases substantially, exams will make up a significant portion of their overall GPA. We teach students to learn through repetition and encourage them to manipulate and analyze the concepts they learn to make sure they can recall and use the information in a variety of ways. Our tutoring programs ensure that students are prepared to tackle academic challenges in high school and beyond.

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Work with us and see what difference just three months of tutoring can make.

What results can you expect from tutoring?

MyGradeBooster students who have committed to their tutoring lessons have seen results in the following areas:

  • Substantial improvement in performance, confidence and an increased liking for their courses.
  • A strong foundation in their academic subjects.
  • A solid preparation for succeeding in higher education.

We understand that tutoring is an important investment for families and we go above and beyond to ensure you are completely happy with your child’s tutoring sessions. That’s why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for every lesson. After each session, we send you a progress report about what we worked on, what your child was struggling with, and how much progress they’ve made in their learning. If this sounds like something you would value, have us join your support team and help further your child’s educational goals.

What grades and subjects we tutor

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How do I contact you?

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