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Once in high school, most students will need to use the computer for doing some of their homework and projects. If the student is doing well in school then they have the maturity to limit their use of computer for fun and pleasure. However, those students who are not performing in school need to be supervised. Parents need to supervise the time their children spend on the computer doing ‘homework’ to make sure their children are doing what they are supposed to rather than being distracted by playing computer games, chatting online, emailing friends, checking Facebook. Parents should also pay attention to the possibility that their kids may be quickly switching the screen to their ‘homework’ page once they see you or hear you entering the room. It is best to keep computers in an area of the house that can be easily seen by anyone. This makes supervision more effective. Do not let your child convince you to take a laptop to their room to do their homework. If you catch them fooling around online during homework time instead of actually doing homework, remove their privilege to use the computer, neither for pleasure or for doing homework, for a couple of days. Let them face the consequence of unfinished work from their teacher. Remember, if they were playing online or chatting, no homework was being done anyways and the results would have been the same. Children must earn their right to use the computer. Computers and phones have become a major distraction for students as hours of productive homework time is wasted online.


Once homework time is over, then parents can allow their children to surf the net or play video games or check their Facebook. It is important to be strict and firm about computer use at home. Do not change the rules as this will send mixed messages to the student and they will stop taking you seriously. Rules are rules regardless of parents’ moods.


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