Wonderful service

Both my kids are tutored by MyGradeBooster after an unsuccessful try at Sylvan (and costly). Their mentor is punctual and flexible with her time. She pushes the kids out of their comfort zone and assigns homework for my older son. … Read the rest

Great Progress!

Our Son has been working with MyGradeBooster Tutorial Service for the last couple of months and has made great progress. The one on
one has been a big benefit and has increased not only his grades, but his enthusiasm and … Read the rest

Amazing group of hardworking educators!

I’ve been working with Mehrnaz and MyGradeBooster as both a mentor and administrative support since 2013, and it has been both a positive and extremely rewarding experience. Every single student has taught me so much about unique knowledge, learning styles, … Read the rest

Great Experience

I have worked for MyGradeBooster for the past two years, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The company is very well set up to support both mentors and students. There are plenty of support materials available to ensure … Read the rest

I have immensely enjoyed my

I have immensely enjoyed my experience as a mentor in MyGradeBooster. I can really appreciate the strong organization and collaboration placed into building this tutoring system, and I can only say that Mehrnaz does a wonderful job! She is very … Read the rest


I don’t even know where to begin as I have been nothing but impressed by the service and results of the tutors from My Grade Booster. The service received was professional, accommodating and more than I expected. My son’s grades … Read the rest

Great company

I enjoy working with MyGradeBooster because I know that I’m working with a team, not just with my students. The support I get is invaluable. … Read the rest

Thank you

Thank you for all of the support you and Emily gave me during my grade 12 year. I couldn’t have done it without MyGradeBooster.… Read the rest

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