Teach To Learn

What is it?
Teach to Lean program is

Why we are doing this?
At MyGradeBooster we passionately believe that extra help in school courses should be accessible to all children. Sizeable grade gaps exist between those who can afford to pay for private tutoring and those who need the extra help but are at a financial disadvantage. The Teach to Learn program is meant to break the welfare cycle and provide help to underprivileged children.
Why should you get involved?
At MyGradeBooster we want our students to be well balanced and well rounded individuals. We believe that professional and personal developments are just as important as academic development of our youth. A high academic achievement is usually not enough for many top scholarships or landing that first job. In many cases students these days need to showcase their well roundedness and transferable skills. We believe that our Teach to Learn program is an excellent opportunity that allows our students to strengthen their interpersonal and leadership skills.

What is the time commitment?
We ask that students commit to 1-2 hours per weekend.

How does it work?
What do I need to get involved?
MyGradeBooster students achieving above an 85% average are encouraged to apply for this program
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