Best Way to Prepare for Exams – Vancouver tutoring services No ratings yet.

Preparing for a test can be difficult for students when they don’t know where to begin.  Many students rely on studying, reading and cramming as much information as quickly as possible before an exam. This method has been proven highly … Read the rest

Brain Overload! No ratings yet.

Brain Overload

So you’ve been studying for a few hours now and midway through reading a chapter you keep losing focus and suddenly realize that you can’t remember anything you read in the last hour.  Students face this scenario quite … Read the rest

Time Management Tips for BC High School Students No ratings yet.

Research shows that students with good time management skills are much more equipped with the tools they need to achieve success in school.   The earlier you learn to prioritize, organize, and manage your time, the sooner you will see improvement … Read the rest

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