Why Spelling and Grammar Should Matter No ratings yet.


You may have heard it before: a teacher flaps their hand nonchalantly in the direction of the class. “Don’t worry. Spelling doesn’t matter,” they say. They smile as a few sighs of relief are exhaled in the background. Maybe … Read the rest

How To Learn A Foreign Language Effectively 5/5 (2)

In his TED talk, Linguist and Columbia professor John McWhorter shares four benefits of learning an unfamiliar language. Not only is learning a new language healthy for keeping our brains sharp, languages are doorways to understanding other cultures and … Read the rest

What Sets Apart An Average Tutor From An Excellent One 5/5 (5)

Whether you are a parent looking to hire a tutor for your child, an older student looking for help with your post-secondary courses, or a tutor wanting to be the best mentor you can be for your students, you’ll … Read the rest

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