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It is common to hear students complain about how useless school is, and how they don’t teach you the things you need to equip yourself for the real world. Although schools don’t teach the step-by-step guide on how to do your taxes, for example, students who take school seriously will adopt the skills they need to be independent learners in any situation.

Most people think of school as a place where you study facts, theories, and systems. But underneath those mandatory chemistry and math classes, lies a deeper level of learning – time management, organization, research, and learning skills.

The education system is there to intellectually prepare you for life beyond the boundaries of those textbooks. Other than facts and theories, here are some things you learn in school without realizing:


Homework, projects, exams, they all sound like pain and hassle, but their purpose is far greater than to test your knowledge. With so much in hand, you are trained to weigh the importance of each task, manage time and set a schedule for yourself. These kinds of judgemental skills are not specifically taught in school, but are acquired as you are exposed to certain challenges along the way.


Despite being the smartest kid in class, it is still possible to receive a grade below satisfaction. The pressure in school can seem overwhelming, but it is a mountain that must be climbed. Accepting failure and learning from mistakes is one key approach that will help you overcome defeat and use it towards becoming a better version of yourself.


In high schools, you are obliged to take classes against your will. Most teenagers are still too young to realize what their interest really is, and what they want to pursue in the future. This might lead some to think that it is then wrong to force students to learn things they are not interested in. But in another perspective, how would you know if you haven’t tried and given it your best shot? School is a hub for you to discover your passion using the process of elimination. Although this might take time, at some point, you will find out what you truly want to do.


With so many students and teachers criss-crossing each other’s paths daily, collaborating and sharing ideas, students learn how to respect others and themselves. For instance, group projects not only enhance learning, they create opportunities for individuals to interact and socialize. Such people skills cannot be taught directly in books, but can be applied through various academic settings.

Eventhough you learn a lot of facts you will never use after graduating from school, if you choose to take school seriously, you will develop the key skills to succeed in any future learning situation.

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