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How to find the best tutors in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver?


MyGradeBooster is an expert in delivering high quality tutoring in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. What has made MyGradeBooster tutors and tutoring sessions ‘high quality’? We have done a lot of research to determine how students learn, what tutoring and learning strategies are effective, what feedback systems need to be in place to hold everyone accountable, and how parents can best get involved with their children’s education. All of our methods are evidence and research based and have been proven  effective over the years. Here, we list and describe 5 of those. It is crucial to ensure these factors are met in your child’s tutor and tutoring sessions in order to achieve successful tutoring that gives results.


  1. High quality tutoring starts with the tutor and student setting specific goals to work towards. The goals are ambitious, reasonable, measurable, and meaningful to the student.
  2. High quality tutors and tutoring service providers work closely with parents, involving them in the student’s performance, progress, and in motivating the student to work hard.
  3. High quality tutors plan and strategize every session, with each session focusing on getting the student’s grades and confidence to match their goal.
  4. High quality tutoring services monitor the child’s progress and work closely with the student’s parents and tutor to ensure full accountability and quick results through collaboration, planning, and feedback analysis.
  5. High quality tutoring services continually increase their tutor’s effectiveness through support and encouraging critical reflection on the student’s learning progress, attempting to identify weaknesses and implementing solutions.


The result of high quality tutors and tutoring method is that the student becomes convinced that they CAN achieve their goals and confidence. The student will start seeing homework and studying as rewarding and worthwhile rather than daunting tasks.


MyGradeBooster offers tutoring services in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Our results oriented approach is coupled with routine communication with parents to ensure a quick boost in grades. If you have any question regarding our Vancouver in home tutoring services, email us at info[at]mygradebooster.com.


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Thank you for visiting MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services of Vancouver on the web. We offer Grades 1-12. Please contact us if you have any questions about MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services. MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services proudly serves Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding areas. We work hard to be your choice for grades 1-12 tutoring in Vancouver!

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About MyGradeBoosterMyGradeBooster was founded by Mehrnaz Bassiri. Mehrnaz is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and the Daily Zen and is the recipient of the 2014 Youth Entrepreneur Award sponsored by Futurpreneur Canada.

Mehrnaz graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Science and after spending four years in the biotech sector she decided to follow her passion for education. She and her team at MyGradeBooster use school subjects as a tool to teach K-12 students the key skills they need for their post-secondary education and employment.

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