Provincial and Final Exam Tutoring Sessions

MyGradeBooster’s high school and university Exam Tutoring Sessions are an excellent way to prepare for the final exams. Our exam review sessions in math and science courses provide a great opportunity for Vancouver high school and university students to review their course material, familiarize themselves with exam-type questions, and learn the step-by-step approach to solving challenging exam questions.

How does it work? Our university exam review sessions are taught by knowledgable instructors who have previously taught, tutored or successfully completed the courses themselves. They know exactly what students need to know in order to do well. These exam preparation sessions are customized to the students’ exact course at their university or college. We teach students how to go about solving exam type questions step by step, ensuring their understanding of the material.Our high school provincial exam review sessions are also taught by qualified instructors and course specialists who have a thorough knowledge of the BC high school curriculum.

Learning to test well is extremely important for senior high school, college and university students. It is important to be able to recall and communicate what you know with ease. We help students become well prepared for their exams, and in turn increase their confidence and reduce their exam anxiety. As space is limited for these classes we encourage you to register early to secure your spot.

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