Our Three Pillars

MyGradeBooster’s leadership and initiative aligns with three key areas of focus – EDUCATION, PEOPLE and SYSTEM. We are redefining education and tutoring services in Vancouver. The result and impact we create for our students is a quality education commitment throughout the MyGradeBooster experience.
We tutor Vancouver in maths science biology chemistry & physics

1. EDUCATION (Credibility & Relevance) – We have extensive expertise and hold a commitment to quality education. These are shown through constantly evolving our services to stay current and relevant with the BC school curriculum as it changes from one year to the next.

2. PEOPLE (Human Equity) – Our “Learning Mentors” (tutors) are one of the biggest assets of MyGradeBooster. As the leaders in the industry, we use a meticulous process in qualifying top notch tutors and use our unique “A+ System” for fitting students with the right tutor, based on their personality and learning needs. We work with the very best Vancouver tutors who are committed to results, can motivate students, and leave parents feeling comfortable, at ease, and impressed.

3. SYSTEM (Learning Management System) – We are dedicated to providing the best online software for tracking results of students and the performance of the tutors, and are committed to our ongoing dedication to staying ahead of the technological trends. We provide a structured education system that sets us apart from other tutoring services who operate of the fly without a specific plan of action that can be consistently repeated to achieve the best results possible.

Some of the Canadian universities our students have been accepted into are University of British Columbian, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, University of Calgary, and Capilano University.

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