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Results You Can Expect from Math Tutoring

As a result of our dedicate math tutoring Vancouver program, many of our struggling students become inspired to pursue a math-related subject in university. It is amazing that with just a few hours of tutoring a month a student can see themselves as a potential mathematician.

Contrary to popular belief, math is not a talent. All students can do math and the story we tell ourselves – ‘I am not a math person’ – is a myth. Our tutoring lessons focus on strengthening students’ ability to manipulate and work with numbers, and in turn, boost their math grades in school. We focus on the process of learning and mastery and instill a love for learning in our students. The majority of our struggling students have improved from 40%’s and 50%’s to 80%’s and 90%’s on their school tests and assessments.

Why is Math Important for Students

Math is an important subject that requires students to think critically and analytically about numbers. It is a language of its own, and to understand it successfully, students need to learn the basic skills in their school years. Math courses are a requirement not only in elementary and high school, but many post-secondary degrees require math literacy and completion of certain math courses as pre-requisites. Therefore, understanding the concepts and being able to manipulate numbers is important for a student’s successful academic journey.

About our Math Tutoring Vancouver Program

Our math tutoring is offered in Vancouver and neighbouring areas. We provide extra practice material for the math tutoring sessions if they are not provided by the student’s school or teacher.

Testimonial from a Vancouver Parent

“Both Wayne and I are extremely proud of [Our Sons] for working so diligently in their maths and most of all appreciate their good work habits and positive attitudes, all of which are in no small part due to Hailey’s caring approach and amazing intuition when it comes down to teaching kids the wonders of math!”

Math tutoring Vancouver

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