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Studying for math is very different than studying for history or geography. Math requires a lot of practice time and solving as many questions as possible in order to get comfortable with the new concepts and to build a strong foundation. Below is a few tips on how to be a successful math student. As math is a cumulative course, students need to master the skills they have already learned in order to build a strong foundation for future math classes and courses. If your student is struggling in math, it is important to begin remedial work immediately before the situation gets worse.

1.   ‘Reading’ math is not the same as social studies.

Read your notes slowly. Reading mathematics is not like reading a novel or studying for social studies. Read with a pencil in hand. Every time the book walks you through a problem, do it on your own first before looking at the answer.

2.   Understand the concepts.

Make an attempt to solve as many questions as possible until you clearly understand the concepts.

3.   Practice.
The more practice problems you solve, the faster and more confident you will be at solving test problems.

4.   Keep up with assignments (whether they are graded or not).

The only way to learn math is to practice practice practice. School homework is the minimum amount of practice you should be doing to learn the concepts in math. Aim to do more questions than what your teacher assigned. Even if your homework is not graded, complete it as if it was. Check your answers in the back of the book and if you got a question wrong, make sure you understand why.

5.   Ask questions.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask your teacher for help if you don’t understand something. Write down specific problems so you have them ready; don’t be vague and say you just don’t understand.

6.   Get help.

Many students decide to hire tutors to help them catch up with school work and strengthen learning gaps. The longer you wait before getting help, the harder it will be to get caught up.

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