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Homework Help Tutoring in Vancouver

Some students do not yet possess the discipline to organize and schedule their own homework time. Engaging a knowledgeable tutor is beneficial in this case for keeping the student organized. MyGradeBooster tutors teach students independent learning skills so that they can eventually take control of their own learning. We have helped students to organize a weekly study and homework plan, and guided them in staying on top of their tasks. Students are aware that planning and organizing is key for staying focused and getting things done, but many of them do not have the skills to plan ahead as it is not something that is taught in schools. Our homework tutoring sessions teach students HOW to get organized and complete tasks. Our tutors keep students accountable for their academic learning.

Below is a testimonial from one of our parents:

“I like the structured and customized and approach in serving the students. Each student is different, and I have been impressed that our tutor would tailor a plan to the individual.”

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