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Vancouver Tutoring for Grades 8-12

High school can be a difficult time for many students. We are seeing an uptick in our students’ extra circular activities in hopes to get into their dream college or university. Though these activities will support their overall goal, the trend we are noticing is that students are not able to dedicate the necessary time or energy required for their studies. We are here to help teach students not just study skills, but also teach and maintain management and organizational skills, to prepare them for their future endeavours.

What to Expect from Tutoring Sessions

We are committed to:

  • Assessing where your child is at currently in their academic, organizational, and study skills
  • Keeping you informed about your child’s successes and failures through our sessional reports
  • Creating realistic academic goals with you and your child
  • Creating a customized study schedule for your student based on their active lifestyle
  • Establishing a timetable of when your child’s goals should realistically be fulfilled
  • If necessary, connecting with your child’s teachers to clarify any misunderstandings
  • Supporting your child emotionally through their learning journey

We find that most high school students lack the necessary time management skills to sustain their grades independently. This leaves them dependent on tutors and tutoring and causes problems for their future learning. Time management is one of the first elements we like to cover in our sessions, not just with our students but with you (the parents) as well. We create a set schedule for tutoring times and days, that way you and your student know when the sessions are happening. The routine scheduling helps the student to have their homework done before the tutorials, so tutors can help them edit their work, go over concepts they haven’t understood, and practice additional problems if they are still struggling with the material. This type of tutoring truly enhances students’ understanding of the material as well as encourages them to take control of their learning.

We understand how significant high school years are to students and their parents. Our tutoring focus is to ensure that students adopt a positive mindset towards learning, so they set themselves up for success in post-secondary and the workplace.

Our Vancouver tutoring services are the best choice for a fast and sustainable increase in grades for high school students. We typically see 10-20% grade improvement with only three months of tutoring. With our academic tutoring team, students get back on track quickly and can see sustainable results. The key here is timing. If your child is struggling, it is best to hire a tutor immediately as opposed to waiting until things get worse.

Our Approach with Grade 8 and 9 Tutoring

Grades 8 and 9 are the beginning years of high school education for Vancouver students and, thus, are important years that set a precedent for future learning. If the student is found to have knowledge gaps from earlier grades, our tutors target and fill in the gaps prior to moving ahead with the grade level material. We also help students to become more comfortable in test-taking or school assessments.

Our Approach with Grade 10, 11, and 12 Tutoring

Grades 10-12 are the final three years in which students train for higher learning. During this time, aside from covering their school content, our tutors also teach their students study skills to ensure our students will have a smooth and successful transition to higher education. For unprepared students, the demands and workload of college or university can create extreme pressure, causing anxiety and unhealthy stress.

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