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Exercise 1: Time Management and Organization

How are you spending your time? Do you plan ahead? Do you keep abreast with assignment due dates and exam schedules? Staying organized will help you become more focused. Complete the survey below to see what your current habits are.


AlwaysAlmost AlwaysUsuallySometimesNever
I use my school agenda to record due dates and exam schedules
Everyday I make a list of the things I want and need to do
I plan my week with time set aside for work, studies, and extracurricular activities
I set realistic goals daily for what I want to get done
I feel motivated in getting things done
I find the time to do all the things I need to do
I can focus when I study and don’t get distracted or start daydreaming
I get my assignments done on time
I often give up because things overwhelm me
I find myself racing from one deadline to another
I feel pressured by others to join in their activities


Exercise 2: Time Awareness

In order to be able to use your time better, let’s try to figure out where your time is spent on each day. Keep a journal and log in all your activities for three entire weekdays. Fill out the chart below as the days passe and fill in your activities as you do them. If you forget to fill in something when you do it, jot it down as soon as you remember it.

For each activity give yourself a score out of 5. If you think the activity and the time spent on that activity was productive and efficient then give yourself a higher mark. If you feel that time was wasted (either because the activity was unnecessary or the time it took to do the activity was longer than it should have been) then give yourself a low score.

After recording your activities, go through and evaluate each entry and the scores you gave yourself. Could you have used your time more effectively? Write down your thoughts in the Evaluation column.

 Start Time      End Time      Activity      Score      Evaluation

Keep track of the amount of time wasted and actual studying you accomplished each day. Remember that for every hour of class time you should be spending at least two hours studying,  looking over your class notes, or do practice problems on your own. Being aware of where your time goes allows you to shift your focus and be more productive.


Exercise 3: Using Your School Agenda for Daily Planning

Write down all due dates for your assignments, tests, quizzes, volunteering schedule, holidays, trips, etc.  in your school agenda. Knowing what needs to be done and when will help you immensely when it comes to getting them done!  Update your agenda daily as new deadlines or responsibilities are assigned.

Once you know what needs to be done, it’s time to plan your daily schedule to ensure you meet those deadlines.

As a practice, take time to make a To-Do-List of all the things you like to get done tomorrow and write them down below.








Beside each item place one of the following:

A – Urgent and must be done tomorrow

B – Should be done tomorrow but can be postponed for a day or two

Update your To-Do-List every night before you go to bed. Place a checkmark besides the tasks you complete.

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