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Results You Can Expect from our English Tutoring: Vancouver

Our tutors help students gain a competitive edge in their reading and writing skills by teaching them effective language usage. Our tutors also help students through the thought process of expressing and organizing their ideas and creating content with good transition and flow.


Why is English Tutoring Important for Struggling Students

Communication skills are crucial in getting ahead of the competition. Students who can express themselves, communicate effectively, and analyze texts will go further in their careers. Reading and writing are core skills for life, not just for school.


About our English Tutoring in Vancouver

We recommend routine once or twice a week English tutoring lessons, depending on the students’ current skills. In between each session, tutors may assign a small homework assignment to be completed by the student. It is important that students complete these extra assignments to ensure that they are benefitting as much as possible from their English tutoring.

Parents often ask whether they should focus on improving their child’s reading comprehension or essay writing skills. We recommend improving both of these skills, since the majority of standardized English tests that students get assessed on consist of a written section and a multiple choice reading section. Improving both reading and writing skills ensures that the student has a well-rounded English language education.


Testimonial from a Vancouver Parent

“We all think Serena is great. She is punctual, kind, and very good at communication. She is the perfect academic mentor for our daughters—the progress they’ve made in their learning is testament to her teaching skills; and to us, even moreso is witnessing the confidence our girls are gaining, and the anxiety around school that they are losing . Serena truly cares about our girls and their progress. She goes out of her way to learn how to better support our girls with their learning differences, including meeting with their teachers & resource workers. Our daughters both have short attention spans and it’s impressive how patient and able Serena is in managing their needs.”






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