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So you decided that instead of hiring a tutor, you want to sit down and help your child with their school work yourself. Here is a few tips on how to be a successful tutor for your child.


The first thing you should do is to set up a tutoring schedule with your child. This schedule must be agreed upon by both of you and has to be routine (i.e happen at the same day and time each week). Why? So that your child will know that from 6-7:30 each Monday and Wednesday they can’t do anything else but tutoring. Stick to this schedule like glue. If you give your children a routine schedule you have more success in getting them to show up prepared and ready to complete those tasks.


When you are just starting out be sure to get a feel for what level your child’s skills currently lie. Ask them a few question from each chapter they have covered in school to determine how much of the material they have grasped. If they can’t do a question, see whether it’s just that single problem they are having issues with or if they are struggling with a basic foundation / knowledge gap.


Once the assessment is done go back and start filling those gaps. For example, you may find that your child can’t do word problems in math, not because they don’t understand it or can’t set it up, but because they are making mistakes in simple multiplication or division. Re-teach them the basic concept and be sure to give them enough practice so that they understand it fully.


Once you fill in the knowledge gaps, get started with the actual curriculum. Start with a few easy questions to warm them up then move onto questions that are more challenging. This will help your child build up the crucial confidence all successful students have. Building confidence in students is the main goal for a tutor. A confident student will be more inquisitive, care more about doing well, and be more willing to sit down and tackle homework. Once they get used to the level of questions you are giving them, take it up a notch and give your child more challenging questions to do. The trick is not to make the questions so easy that they will get bored and at the same time not to make them too difficult that they give up. Don’t get agitated or upset with your child if they are trying but can’t get the question right. Children don’t like seeing their parents upset with them and they could very well decide to quit the whole thing if it gets you frustrated each time. A good tutor is a patient tutor.


The key in tutoring is persistence. Sometimes it’s hard to know just how many hours/week you should be helping your child with school work. Usually much more time is needed to bring a child back on track, but once they catch up then the number of hours is drastically reduced. If you are unsure of the hours then contact your child’s teacher or the school’s guidance counselor. Remember, the sooner you get your child on track, the more time you will save and the higher chances of success you will have in doing it yourself tutoring!


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