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What are the different learning styles?

Knowing your learning style can help you to determine how you can best receive information. Once you figure out your unique learning style, you will find that studying and learning will become easier. There are three types of learners: Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. Your style doesn’t necessarily belong to only one category and not the others. Many of us are a combination of the different styles but show dominance in one particular category.


This learning style involves receiving information through direct experience or performance. Students in this category need to be involved physically in the learning process. Some characteristics of this type of learners include:

  • Speak with their hands and use gestures
  • Lose concentration when there is no external stimulation
  • Like activities that involve moving
  • Need to stretch and feel uncomfortable with sitting too long
  • When seated, they move their legs or hands
  • Use and appreciate a lot of touch in their communication. For example, pat on the back
  • Like to try doing things first and learn from mistakes


This group of students like to see what they learn. They are very good at picturing things in their minds and are able to remember things by the way they look. A lot of visual learners prefer to sit in front of the class so that they can see the board and the teacher’s writing clearly. Some characteristics of this type of learners are:

  • Take detailed notes and use coloured pens and markers
  • Are neat and organized
  • Prefer quiet study area
  • Like to see first and do second
  • Learn through charts, diagrams, tables, or writing down what they need to remember
  • They are good at using maps
  • Enjoy drawing and taking pictures
  • Don’t like to read long paragraphs
  • Could have a photographic memory


These types of students learn best by listening or hearing. For example, if you need to read your textbook aloud or listen to a recorded information to understand and remember what you read, you are likely an auditory learner.  Some characteristics of this group include:

  • Prefer being told what to do rather than be shown
  • Enjoy music in the background while studying
  • Use rhythm as a tool for memorizing things
  • They like participating in class discussions
  • Better at remembering when they read it aloud
  • Sometimes they hum or talk to themselves when they are alone

Remember, you probably have characteristics that match two or even all three of these categories. The important things is that you find out how you can study best and apply that to your learning.

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