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Wonderful service

Both my kids are tutored by MyGradeBooster after an unsuccessful try at Sylvan (and costly). Their mentor is punctual and flexible with her time. She pushes the kids out of their comfort zone and assigns homework for my older son. I really appreciate the detailed summary she gives after each lesson including what they worked on as well as their behaviour (attention span, frustrations etc.). I would definitely recommend this company.


Great Progress!

Our Son has been working with MyGradeBooster Tutorial Service for the last couple of months and has made great progress. The one on
one has been a big benefit and has increased not only his grades, but his enthusiasm and confidence to learn new and challenging material.

Jim K

Amazing group of hardworking educators!

I’ve been working with Mehrnaz and MyGradeBooster as both a mentor and administrative support since 2013, and it has been both a positive and extremely rewarding experience. Every single student has taught me so much about unique knowledge, learning styles, patience, and compassion. The families and students I have worked with have become more like family over the years, and it has been such a privilege to be a part of their child(ren’s) education. There is a sense of community working with MyGradeBooster because everyone; not just the students and parents, but also Mehrnaz, the support staff and other mentors are invested in the growth and education of the students. Mehrnaz is a kind, friendly and hardworking leader, who has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share, is supportive and cares about every single mentor and family she works with.


Great Experience

I have worked for MyGradeBooster for the past two years, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The company is very well set up to support both mentors and students. There are plenty of support materials available to ensure the students’ success, including extra books and online testing materials. Mehrnaz makes sure each student is matched up with the right tutor, and is on track with everyone’s progress. I highly recommend MyGradeBooster for everyone, from students and their parents, to tutors who are looking for a very structured teaching experience.


I have immensely enjoyed my

I have immensely enjoyed my experience as a mentor in MyGradeBooster. I can really appreciate the strong organization and collaboration placed into building this tutoring system, and I can only say that Mehrnaz does a wonderful job! She is very dedicated to the company, so mentors and students alike benefit from her efforts.



I don’t even know where to begin as I have been nothing but impressed by the service and results of the tutors from My Grade Booster. The service received was professional, accommodating and more than I expected. My son’s grades improved drastically within months and much of it is attributed to the system they have in place in assessment and creating a study plan catered specifically to him. I highly recommend this tutoring company, not only will your child’s grade’s improve but they will take with them learning tools that will service them well into post secondary and graduate schools.

Katherine Law

Great company

I enjoy working with MyGradeBooster because I know that I’m working with a team, not just with my students. The support I get is invaluable.


Thank you

Thank you for all of the support you and Emily gave me during my grade 12 year. I couldn’t have done it without MyGradeBooster.


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The testimonials below have all been copied and pasted from our surveys or email correspondence with parents. Remember to also check out our reviews on social media such as Facebook or Google Plus.


"Absolutely satisfied with him. Shymon is great, every time he comes on time, he is willing to teach and positive."

"I like the structured and customized and approach in serving the students. Each student is different, and I have been impressed that our tutor would tailor a plan to the individual."

"Yes, we have tried other tutors but Shymon is the best. He is dedicated to the students and enthusiastic in his work."

School year is going to end soon and [my daughter] did well this year. Even though physics was a bit hard for her but  her marks in physics is around 85%. the rest of her marks are above 90%. [My daughter] has decided to study Art in college so that she can study Law later. Next year she will not have any science courses but she might need help with English. If so i definitely  let you know.
 It was our pleasure to have Bonnie and Kayla this year. We are very grateful for your help and wishing you the best of luck."

"[My son] has made a tremendous improvement in Math with both yours and Sarah's support. Both of  us and his teacher are very happy with his progress.  We feel  now that he has a strong foundation, we can successfully manage his school work with him..."

"[My daughter] got a B in her long division and her teacher said she though [my daughter]
would be very happy with her fractions test results (coming Monday)! She'll be very proud to tell you this but I can't help and let you know as well. It's so exciting - thanks so much!"

"FYI [My daughter] received 95% on term math today which overrides her average. Thought to share the fruits of your hard work with [My daughter].Have a wonderful weekend."

"Thank you kindly for your warm wishes. I know that our boys enjoy math very very much and we as parents are grateful for My Gradebooster and for Hailey's amazing tutoring. And yes [Our boys] have worked very very hard, so they are all looking forward to a nice break this holiday season :-)"

"Thank you for the progress report and follow up. We looooooove Melanie. She is great!!! And we can already see huge improvements . Even his teacher has commented.  We truly appreciate what Melanie has done for [Our Son]. Not only has she taught him math, but she has given him confidence!"

"Both Wayne and I are extremely proud of [Our Sons] for working so diligently in their maths and most of all appreciate their good work habits and positive attitudes, all of which are in no small part due to Hailey's caring approach and amazing intuition when it comes down to teaching kids the wonders of math!"

"Thank you for this report. We also appreciate the tutoring of Ms Brown with weekly reports. On the whole we are much pleased the progress of [Our Son]."

"This is such great news! I am super happy with the progress and with [my daughter's] confidence building. Thx for all the hard work....both of you!"

"We are so pleased with your tutoring services  I did not have the chance to get [my daughter] got 98% in science and 96% in math which were surprising to us. I am really happy and hopefully she continues to work like this this coming school year too. Again we are grateful for your help and will get in touch with you in Aug. to plan for Sep."

"Her math term mark is 87. Thanks very much for the quality help."

"Thanks again to Shymon for all of his efforts this past year.  [My son] is really appreciative for all of his help.  He has been a great tutor to work with."

"[My son] received his report card last Thursday, a copy of which I've attached. We're very pleased to see movement in the right direction on the math & science courses, and want to thank you and your team for your efforts in this respect."

"Thank you for your account update.  Your system is extremely efficient, clear and user-friendly (for someone like me who is not skilled at all).  I would also like to show my appreciation to your very high-quality staff.  My husband and I are very impressed with the way Jeff and Tracey have been tutoring our children.  They do not only demonstrate knowledge and skills in tutoring, but they have also modelled for my children what good manners are, what commitment means and what positive learning attitudes are.  Your choice of staff also says something about your vision operating Mygradebooster, so thank you very much, we do enjoy and benefit from your services.  Have a good week."

"Thanks for referring Tracey to us. I believe [my son and daughter] find the sessions very constructive and helpful. Since we are happy with the service and are planning to continue"

"Yes [my daughter] did find Aria helpful. Aria is a visual learner as is [my daughter] so he explained things by putting them in another context which [my daughter]  was able to visualize. She is looking forward to improving her science marks this year."

"[My daughter] and Shan Li hit it off.  Shan Li is very nice.  Very patient."

"Thanks for the updates. Both Angel and Shymon have been amazing tutors."

 "Thank you for your interest and follow up and your input to help [my daughter]."

"Yes it was a success thank you"

"Thanks for the report. Shin's organization skill is impressive and hopefully he can successfully instil it in [my duaghter].  I very much appreciate a responsible, observant tutor!"

"Thank you very much, and again we very much appreciate your professionalism."

 "Thank you very much for your great help. Stanley is going to UBC in September. He got 88 in Chemistry. Please send the refund cheque to my home."

"Thanks for following up and  being professional. Richard achieved what he wanted to and is going to UBC in September,thank you for the tutorials."

"[My daughter] was very confident and comfortable writing her test today. She said it was like working on a worksheet - 'relaxed' versus stressing over a test. She found the test very easy and thinks she may have got 100% but we'll see next week. What a difference from her anxiety and fear a month ago all because she didn't understand. [Our tutor] is a wonderful tutor. Thanks for all the suggestions ie. reviewing and practicing examples so that she knows the concept inside out. [My daughter] followed your and [our tutor's] recommendations and is on cloud nine today. Thanks again. Fingers crossed that she get the result she thinks she'll get. Regardless, I'm so very pleased that she is relaxed, confident and happy about where she is with her math. I know it will continue."
"Many thanks again for your help. [Our tutor] has been excellent. [My daughter] seems to like math again, which is my main goal."

"May I add that we are very happy with your choices for tutors. They are polite, respectful,  bright and enthusiastic young men and are proving to be of great assistance to [my daughter]. Thank you very much."

"[My son] has been accepted by all the universities he applied for and we thank [our tutor] for her tutorings to [my son].  Please send our best regards"

"Just want to commend you on your program and selection of tutors. [Our Tutor] is exceptionally supportive and reassuring... I have heard them working together for the past 3 sessions and remain very impressed."

"I am so thrilled with [my child’s] progress. Yesterday she wrote a Chemistry quiz and got 100% plus 1/2 the bonus question! [our tutor] is doing an excellent job. After writing her quiz after school yesterday and receiving her mark right away, she certainly was on cloud 9. I think her confidence has improved."

"I can't really say that anything is missing and this is based on years of private tutors. MyGrade Booster is above all of them in quality of tutor, scheduling, A+ Assessment and Feedback."

"It is unlike any tutoring service I have used in the past because there is a team of people who have a vested interested in my child's success, show an expert knowledge of the subject matter and understand the importance of building confidence, not just grades."

"Of course I will recommend your service to anyone who is looking for tutors. Your service is very good and updating parents with the child progress and monitoring students and tutors is something that I never saw before."

"Tutoring went really well last night. [My daughter] thought [Our tutor] was great. He was extremely helpful and it seems she was definitely more confident after the tutoring session. In fact she said to me " Oh yah, I'm so good at the elements now, its so easy". I am very pleased and its only been one session! Thank you very much!"

"I am really impressed with [our tutor] and how he is helping [my son]! [My son] is gaining more confidence and is becoming excited about math. Originally, I thought that the work might be too advanced but [my son] has taken on the challenge."

How can we improve and make you happier with our services?  "Pretty tough. I think asking for 100% is Math and Science may a bit much. She is close and we are very satisfied."

"Just thought I should let you know that [my son] got 80% on his mid term exam. He said he ran out of time and there were 7 questions left.  This is a very positive improvement thanks to [our tutor] and yourself for this achievement."

"Yes, online assessment is one of the best ways to evaluate students. They know their weaknesses before school exams and they can work on them."

"Yes. [Our tutor] is on time, when we need to make changes he is always accommodating. He seems to always have a plan and comes prepared."

"Grade 6 our daughter had a C average. Her current mark in Grade 10 math is sitting at 94."

"Yes many times. Jackie will find the right person that meets your son or daughters learning method."

"I am very content with your service."

"I am satisfied with my daughter's tutor."

"Thank you very much for your excellent service."

"So far so good! [Our Tutor] has been an excellent communicator."

"We are very pleased with [my son's] progress."

"I personally like the on-line assessments and quizzes. I think they are an excellent tool for giving exam experience under pressure. I would suggest introducing the quizzes time pressures over a period of time."

"Sounds like it went well. [My daughter] learnt some new techniques which she is happy about and keeps talking about it."

"Yes absolutely no complaints at all."

"[My daughter] is getting a 78% on her first term in Math. Last year a 68%. She is also very positive about Math, it is no longer her least favourite subject:)"

"We are completely satisfied."

"I'm really glad you have such high standards :)"

"…yes, all have been outstanding."

"[our tutor] is flexible with his schedule, always on time, supportive, and expert.

"[my daughter] has become very confident in maths, it’s now her favourite subject which is unbelievable."

"Great work, thanks."

"Jackie and her team are doing a great job."

"Michael has excellent communication skills, is very patient and supportive."

"Keep up the excellent service. I am extremely satisfied with the service."


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