Brave New World: Why Learn Anything New? No ratings yet.

If you’re anything like me, you’re fortunate enough to know what you’re good at. You also like to stay there, forever honing your proficiency in one or two areas to the point where you are an undeniable expert in these … Read the rest

Kintsugi: All the Broken Pieces No ratings yet.

The majority of us tend to prefer sweeping our past mistakes and the shards of shattered dreams under the rug or else into the metaphorical dustbin where they remain out of sight and out of mind. A failed class, … Read the rest

So Extra: The Rundown on Extra-curriculars No ratings yet.

Outside of the realm of academics, there are a number of ways to engage with your school community. At the start of each school year, clubs and extracurricular activities begin drawing in new recruits. Sports, the school newspaper, musical theatre, … Read the rest

A Guide to Organization for the Perpetually Disorganized 5/5 (1)


It has often been said that the key to being a top student is organization. Most of the time, this statement rings true. The best students often hold themselves to rigorous schedules, sometimes detailed down to the half an … Read the rest

The Restart Button: How to Fail No ratings yet.

You, reader, are going to fail.

Failure is hardly an uncommon phenomenon. It ranges from minor inconveniences to devastating disasters and makes its appearance in every aspect of life. More than anything, for most, it is a terrible feeling … Read the rest

The Patrons of the Arts No ratings yet.


A month ago, I sat down to dinner with some family friends. It had been a while since we’d last met and they made pleasant conversation, making offhand comments about how much I’d grown and drawing answers out of … Read the rest

The Unorthodox Back-To-School Bucket List No ratings yet.

Blink and it’s gone. No, this isn’t referring to the last thing you ate. Summer break comes and goes like the last flowers of the season and before you know it or are even remotely ready, it’s time to return … Read the rest

Busy Earnin’: The Career Path and Growth No ratings yet.

We like to imagine that most people who emerge from university enter “the real world” with an intended career in mind for which they likely prepared by way of their education and experience gathered along the way via work experience … Read the rest

If a Fish Climbs a Tree No ratings yet.

A question for you, reader: who would you be more likely to consider a genius — Stephen Hawking or William Shakespeare?

In 1983, developmental psychologist and professor Howard Gardner devised a theory of multiple intelligences that differentiated intelligence into categories … Read the rest

More Than Memory: What Should Schools Be Testing? No ratings yet.

Criticism has been levelled at the standard testing system for overemphasizing memorization and encouraging a regurgitation-geared approach to test-taking while neglecting valuable skills such as close reading, analysis, or problem solving. This being said, in what ways should tests be … Read the rest

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