The Patrons of the Arts No ratings yet.


A month ago, I sat down to dinner with some family friends. It had been a while since we’d last met and they made pleasant conversation, making offhand comments about how much I’d grown and drawing answers out of … Read the rest

The Unorthodox Back-To-School Bucket List No ratings yet.

Blink and it’s gone. No, this isn’t referring to the last thing you ate. Summer break comes and goes like the last flowers of the season and before you know it or are even remotely ready, it’s time to return … Read the rest

Busy Earnin’: The Career Path and Growth No ratings yet.

We like to imagine that most people who emerge from university enter “the real world” with an intended career in mind for which they likely prepared by way of their education and experience gathered along the way via work experience … Read the rest

If a Fish Climbs a Tree No ratings yet.

A question for you, reader: who would you be more likely to consider a genius — Stephen Hawking or William Shakespeare?

In 1983, developmental psychologist and professor Howard Gardner devised a theory of multiple intelligences that differentiated intelligence into categories … Read the rest

More Than Memory: What Should Schools Be Testing? No ratings yet.

Criticism has been levelled at the standard testing system for overemphasizing memorization and encouraging a regurgitation-geared approach to test-taking while neglecting valuable skills such as close reading, analysis, or problem solving. This being said, in what ways should tests be … Read the rest

How To Learn Fast And Smart No ratings yet.

If you are a high school student, you are probably counting down on the days until summer vacation. But before the calm comes the storm. Exam season is approaching and some of you might have already started preparing for it. … Read the rest

Brain Overload: What it is and how students can avoid it No ratings yet.

What is Brain Overload?

Have you ever been studying for hours and realize midway through reading a chapter that you keep losing focus and can’t remember anything you’ve read in the past hour? Do you find you keep reading the … Read the rest

How To Conduct Research No ratings yet.

Learning to research is an essential skill that is relevant to a wide range of assignments from papers to presentations but in spite of its significance, the process is still one that baffles even those well past their high school … Read the rest

Goal Digger: What Do Academic Goals Look Like? No ratings yet.

What does it mean to be a good student? The image of the good student as it exists in the common imagination is punctual, well-organized, attentive, and undoubtedly has an outstanding report card to boot. You may even envision them … Read the rest

What Are You Doing It For? No ratings yet.

Almost every student is compelled to do well, either by their own standards, the inherently negative connotations associated with failure, or the school system itself, which makes a certain degree of success necessary in order for students to proceed to … Read the rest

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