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It doesn’t take long for a parent looking for  Vancouver tutors to realize just how many tutors are available for hire. Typing a simple phrase such as ‘Vancouver  tutors in math’ or ‘in home tutors in Vancouver’ in the Google search bar brings out loads of tutor directories and tutoring companies for you to start reading and sorting through. Tutoring is not regulated in Vancouver so that means anyone can call themselves a ‘tutor’ and advertise for students. There are certain steps you can take to make sure your experience with your Vancouver tutors and tutoring is a pleasant one rather than a frustrating waste of time and money.


So how do I make sure my child gets the very best Vancouver tutors he/she deserves?


Well, if you are hiring an independent tutor you need to do all the background checks yourself. This includes making sure the tutor actually knows his/her stuff. You’d be surprised how many tutors that we interview actually fail the test in the subject they applied for to tutor! Just like us, you need to have a screening process to make sure the tutor’s knowledge is tested. It doesn’t matter if the tutor has a teaching certificate, or has a masters or Ph.D. degree. Some tutors just don’t know their stuff or have a hard time communicating what they know to a young audience and you need to eliminate these tutors before you waste your time and money. You also need to check references and ask for a police background check. Remember, you are inviting this person into your home to work with your kids. Being diligent in your background checks gives your a better chance for a successful tutor fit for your child.


If you are hiring a tutoring company then this process is done for you. However, what you need to keep in mind is that tutoring companies are NOT created equally. So make sure to ask about their tutor screening process. A good company should screen their potential tutors based on the following criteria:


  • knowledge of tutors in the subjects they wish to teach
  • communication skills and their ability to convey information to a young audience
  • interpersonal skills and personality of the tutors
  • reference checks from previous parents and students they tutored
  • a current police background check



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