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As the teachers’ strike continues it becomes more and more important to ensure your child is mentally stimulated.  After the two month summer holidays, it is essential that students continue learning while waiting for school to start. Here are some ways to keep students learning during the B.C. teachers’ strike.

1. Set aside learning time at home

Purchase a workbook and set aside a routine schedule for your student to learn every day.  Help them hone their independent learning skills by keeping them accountable to their learning schedule.  Students should go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up early in the morning to start the day. Treat the strike as an independent study skills development rather than an extended summer holiday.

2. Consider day camps

Registering your children at day camps is another way to keep them socializing, giving them a routine daily schedule, as well as ensuring they continue their learning process while being away from school.  Many day camps also offer academic enrichment programs in math and sciences. Use the government funding of $40 a day  to subsidize the cost of day camps.

3. Register for private tutoring

Hiring a private tutor is another way to keep children stimulated and learning. In home tutoring services send a private tutor right to your home and they will work with your individual schedule to find the best time for tutoring lessons. You may also supplement your child’s independent learning with a few hours of tutoring sessions for better results.

There are a variety of educational programs available throughout Vancouver and B.C. during the teachers’ strike.  Encourage independent learning and use the government funding to supplement their learning routine with different activities and private tutoring.



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