Assessing & Reporting

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Tutoring Assessments

Students’ skills and knowledge are assessed regularly via our unique tutoring Learning Management System. This tutoring system assesses your child’s understanding of their school subject and generates detailed performance reports that give us valuable insight about the students’ skills and abilities. We can identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and pin point trouble spots quickly. The system tracks exactly which problems students missed, how well they can recall the information, and how much of their school material they truly understand. This provides your child’s tutor and our academic coaches invaluable information on how to target learning strategies specifically for your child. It is truly the best customized program that caters to the unique needs and goals of every high school student.


Tutoring Session Reporting

Our monthly quantitative progress reporting is like receiving a report card for your child every month. The monthly progress reports comprise of two sections: a qualitative report and a quantitative report. In the qualitative section you will receive feedback from your tutor regarding your child’s grades, confidence, attitude, goals and motivation. In the quantitative section, you will be able to see exactly how your child’s performance was on their assessments and how they are tracking with their grade goal. This in depth reporting process allows us to keep a close eye on your child’s monthly progress, make detailed observations and analyze their academic performance based on facts and stats. We discuss these results with parents and collectively decide if any modification needs to be made to the child’s Tutoring & Learning Strategy Plan. This process of continual assessment and progress checking allows students to excel in their courses in minimal amount of time. Parents love the fact that they are involved in their child’s progress and can see improvement over such short period of time.


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