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MyGradeBooster’s Story: Vancouver Tutoring Services

MyGradeBooster was founded by Mehrnaz who graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from UBC.

It all started in 2008 and was approached by one of her friends to mentor her younger brother in math 10. He was failing. During that summer, he went from a failed mark to achieving a 90%, an unbelievable achievement.

As a result, Mehrnaz continued mentoring him for six more years. She realized how good she was at teaching and decided to pursue it further. Before she knew it, she was advertising her services, and the referrals kept coming. At first, tutoring was something she did on the side while working full time as a chemist in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector in Vancouver. She enjoyed the challenging aspects of research and felt good about making a difference in people’s lives. But she had a lifelong dream and passion to achieve – becoming an educator. Seeing the impact that her services provided truly inspired her to keep going and before she knew it her client base grew, and she decided to pursue her dream full time.

Mehrnaz’s dream started at a young age while being surrounded by educators. Her father was a professor and her mother an early child educator. She got to see the teacher’s point of view through her father, who constantly spoke to her about his students and his passion for teaching. This exposure ignited her desire to work within the realm of education.

Mehrnaz is very grateful for her life journey. She accredits the uniqueness of her business to the fact that she started from the bottom up. Seeing the impact of her services on students has ignited in her the need to take teaching to a whole new level. She delivers greater value to her customers because she knows how to approach teaching and mentoring, and properly supports students, parents, and tutors. Her philosophy is that her tutors and her company both work full time for the students.

Mehrnaz has lived, studied, and worked in many countries, including Iran, Japan, England, and Canada, which gives her a wide understanding of various teaching styles. She enjoys learning about different cultures and their ways of life. In her spare time, you will find her geo-caching, playing floor hockey and volleyball.

Mehrnaz’ Message to Parents

Dear parents,

When I started MyGradeBooster, I used my education and years of tutoring experience to determine what a high-quality Vancouver tutoring company should look like. I wanted parents to think of MyGradeBooster whenever they thought of a top-notch, evidence-based educational tutoring program for their children.

This has become my vision for MyGradeBooster, and it is the standard bar we use today when hiring our tutors and offering our tutoring programs. It is for this vision that we have a continuous commitment to stay ahead of the trends both technologically and within the BC school system.

For us, the ultimate goal is to help students be the best they can be and to open more doors of opportunity for them. We want to help your children get into universities or colleges of their choice, but more importantly, we want to teach them how to excel and thrive in higher education.

I am grateful for all the amazing families I have worked with, those that I am working with, and those whom I will be meeting and working with in the future. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 778-773-5507 or email us at info@mygradebooster.com.

Warm Regards,


MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services provides Vancouver tutors in math, science, chemistry, physics, biology, English, French, and social studies. Our Vancouver tutors come to your home and work one on one with your child to boost their grades in school. We offer tutoring satisfaction guarantee for every tutoring session.
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