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The constant advancement in technology has opened up a significant phenomenon in our lives – the digital world. Kids nowadays are given phones, schools are using computers. In traditional teaching, there is no such thing as the internet. Students learn through textbook, pen and paper. But as time moves, the education system is also adjusting its teaching approach to accommodate the changes in our latest generations and resources.

If you are contemplating whether or not to commit to the stable yet old way of teaching, or challenge yourself to the leading but risky digital practice, we have broken down the pros and cons of the internet for you:


An Immense Degree of Resources

The internet holds nearly an infinite number of information, with billions of websites to support them. ‘Google’ will become your new best friend. Got a question? Google it! On top of that, you will also be exposed to materials in the form of images, videos or audios. Many studies have shown that visuals and sounds can improve attainment, not to mention it makes learning more fun!

Easy Accessibility

The internet is very easily accessible, which gives students a good and equal opportunity to utilize online learning materials. Compared to physical books, not only is the internet free, it is also available at any time of the day or night. Technology has made it very convenient to look up information you need instantly. So when incorporated into the school system, it makes teaching and learning more efficient. You will no longer have to spend money on textbooks or wait for the library to open!

A Guide to Life Skills

Getting yourself used to the online world can prepare you for the life skills that you might need in the future. Through the internet, students are given the chance to interact with their peers and teachers using proper online etiquettes. Since many career out there require certain degrees of computer-related technicality, e.g. emails, knowing the ‘netiquettes’ of online communication will allow smooth transition into post-secondary environments.


False Information

Mentioned above, having an immense degree of resources online can foster efficient and effective learning. However, the disadvantage of having ‘too many’ is that there may be discrepancies and inaccuracies. Not all the information you see on the internet is true. Some can be misleading or even false. Therefore, it is important to obtain knowledge through legitimate or certified sources that are trustworthy.

A Form of Distraction

One of the biggest disadvantage of the internet is how distracting it can be. It contains a massive amount of entertainment which can lead to procrastination. In this case, it is necessary to master self-control. Make a study timetable and on it, give yourself short 10-15 minute breaks every hour so you can surf the net all you want!

Inept Social Skills

The more time you spend on the internet, the less time you spend on real life. It can be concerning when kids no longer know how to verbally communicate with people, perform public speaking and carry out presentations. While you are gaining life skills that revolve around the digital world, you might be disconnecting yourself from the real-life relationships around you. Keep in mind that finding balance is key!

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