Kids Public Speaking

Vancouver Kids Public Speaking and Communications Tutoring


Vancouver kids’ Speaking Program

Ages 9-12, one-on-one in home lessons 

The ability to communicate is the greatest factor contributing to one’s success in life and a critical skill to develop.

Through games, cooperative activities, role playing and presenting speeches, our curriculum focuses on giving students the confidence, experience and practice needed to successfully give a speech. Examples of skills taught include the following:

– Communicate effectively in full sentences

– Increase vocabulary, especially power words

– Overcome shyness and fear of audiences

– Learn to focus, pay attention and develop comprehension skills

– Reduce the use of fillers (ah’s and umh’s)

– Use gestures and correct body language

– Remain calm and collected.

– Speak with confidence

– Increase self-esteem

– Learn to think critically and communicate confidently

Confidence in one area of life tends to spill over into other areas. Learning to present clearly with confidence and overcoming fear of audiences takes practice and persistence. Just like music, singing, dancing and other acquired hobbies and skills, public speaking is an ongoing learning process that never ends. But once mastered, it will help in every aspect of the students’ lives.

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