Our 5 Tutor Principles

At MyGradeBooster Vancouver Tutoring Services we believe five principles are integral to boosting students’ learning skills.

chart of successful Vancouver tutors and tutoring system used by MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services

Essential components that make our Vancouver tutors and tutoring services successful.


Tutor’s skills – our Vancouver tutors have the credentials, intellect, and proper experience.

Tutor’s Personality – our Vancouver tutors have a great personality and are personable, demonstrating patience while being friendly.

Tutor’s Communication – our Vancouver tutors are great communicators and motivators.

Results – proof of tutoring results is very high on the priority list since we aim to provide impact for our students. Through our tutoring services, students are encouraged to become competitive with themselves, utilizing the “Beat Your Own Grade” feature, making it fun to break their own records and learn. This method has proven to be a very successful tutoring method and raises the learning motivation of the student.

System – There is a system and process in place – the tutoring services we provide ensure that our Vancouver tutors as well as our services are organized, structured and focused.

We provide tutors in math, chemistry, physics, biology, and science while hiring and training our Vancouver tutors based on these key principles to ensure successful results for every student.

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