How To Study: 5 Awesome Tips for Parents of K-12 Students 5/5 (3)

For success in high school and post-secondary education, it is imperative to adopt effective learning techniques. Most Canadian students lack proper study habits because these skills are not taught in schools. So even students who are motivated often struggle in … Read the rest

When Almost Isn’t Good Enough: Perfectionism in School 5/5 (1)

It’s a horrific scene. The test results arrive and you suck in a shaky breath before taking a peek. Never mind that it’s ten percent higher than the class average. Never mind the absurdly high marks you received on your … Read the rest

Your Teen Probably Isn’t Prepared For University 5/5 (2)

Too many students move through elementary and most of high school without putting in much effort, because thanks to No-Fail, No-Zero school policies, no one is held back even when they’re not ready to move to the next grade.

When … Read the rest

What Sets Apart An Average Tutor From An Excellent One 5/5 (3)

Whether you are a parent looking to hire a tutor for your child, an older student looking for help with your post-secondary courses, or a tutor wanting to be the best mentor you can be for your students, you’ll … Read the rest

Manage Your Attention To Improve Focus And Productivity 5/5 (2)

With so many avenues for interruptions and distractions, it can feel as if you are stuck in an ongoing mental traffic jam. Focusing deeply on a single task is becoming harder to achieve.

Imagine the things we could do with … Read the rest

Building a Better Student: Teach These Seven Survival Skills For A Brighter Future No ratings yet.

The labor market today is unpredictable, jobs in fields once thought safe are now at risk of obsolescence thanks to advances in technology and automation.

The da Vinci Surgical System, a surgical robot, is cleared by the FDA to perform … Read the rest

How to encourage creativity in students’ learning 5/5 (1)

The word “creativity”, when referring to our education system, is almost exclusively applied to artistic subjects such as music and visuals art. However, creativity in schools should not be restricted to the teaching of these subjects, as being creative is … Read the rest

How to get the most out of hiring a tutor, coach, or a mentor 5/5 (2)

Hiring tutors, coaches, and mentors has the potential to lead to a great boost in learning, growing, and improving in your academics, business, or personal endeavours. However, there are many instances where people hire help only to be disappointed … Read the rest

How To Make Sure Your Child Is Back To School Ready No ratings yet.

With the new school year just around the corner, there are a few things you can do to ensure your child is ready for a strong start.


Look over last year’s material

Many students have a difficult and slow … Read the rest

Trends in Canadian Education No ratings yet.

Tests and standardization have been scapegoated as the enemy. Students are getting less tests, being assigned less homework, and learning less due to the extensive cuts in the curriculum content. In math class a lot of time is spent on … Read the rest

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