Is the Internet Good for Learning? No ratings yet.

The constant advancement in technology has opened up a significant phenomenon in our lives – the digital world. Kids nowadays are given phones, schools are using computers. In traditional teaching, there is no such thing as the internet. Students … Read the rest

How to make the most out of attending class 5/5 (1)


Attending class is necessary to achieve academic success. Even on days that you can’t give 100% of your attention, it is still much easier to study something that you have already heard and seen before than material that is … Read the rest

Lazy Susans: Making the Most of a Lack of Motivation No ratings yet.


It is not uncommon for students to occasionally lapse into a lack of motivation to complete schoolwork or study, although some may joke that this is a persistent state of being. Laziness emerges early on when children prefer play … Read the rest

Questions and Answers and Where to Find Them No ratings yet.

Asking for help can present a conflict to some, whether it be due to stubbornness, pride, or a fear of bothering or burdening somebody else. Unfortunately, bottling or ignoring your problems will only result in them mounting until they return … Read the rest

Tips for Picking a Post-Secondary Degree 5/5 (1)


Another chapter begins as one ends. While the application for college or university takes only a few weeks to prepare, the whole process dates back further than you would expect. Everyone has a dream job when they were a … Read the rest

The Workings of Homework No ratings yet.

Growing up, homework was the bane of the existences for many kids and today many schools have cut homework out of their practice. Although the thought of dropping homework altogether is tempting, a second thought may prove that homework … Read the rest

Supporting Students With ADHD 5/5 (1)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is defined as a group of behavioral symptoms that include short attention span, distractibility, impulsivity and over activity. It is completely normal for kids to have some inattention, impulsivity, and over activity but for people … Read the rest

Managing And Overcoming Failures 5/5 (1)

Nobody and moreover, no student, is a stranger to failure, whether it be a low grade, a failed test or assignment, or a rejected college application. Each individual has methods with which they cope (or do not cope) with their … Read the rest

Is Your Teen Really An A+ Student? 5/5 (4)

Receiving acceptance letters from good universities may be challenging, however, in the last decade, surviving university has become a bigger issue for students. Many students fail their first-year courses and suffer from stress-related problems.

The dramatic drop in performance from … Read the rest

Tips For Success When Taking Online Courses 5/5 (1)

Online education is becoming common practice, particularly for those who prefer a more affordable and flexible learning option. Many high schools offer online courses nowadays to engage more students in a learning environment that fits their preference. However, with that … Read the rest

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