What’s the difference between a ‘tutor’ and a ‘learning mentor’?

We like to call MyGradeBooster tutors ‘learning mentors’. This is because we don’t focus only on the subject the students receive help in. We are interested in longterm solutions for students’ overall academic success going forward.

Getting to work with MyGradeBooster is not an easy task. Out of every 15 resumes we get, we usually end up hiring only 1-3 learning mentors. You can be sure that the tutor we send you has the proper background and a great personality that will suit your child’s needs.


Why should I pick you?

We encourage you to shop around and call others to ask them about their services. That’s how confident we are with ours.

MyGradeBooster’s method gives results because there are two key feedback loops that keeps everyone accountable:

  •  Feedback loop 1Student-Learning Mentor-Director

The assessments given to students on regular basis tell our director exactly how the students are    progressing and where they still need practice. The director communicates these results with the learning mentors and together they come up with an action plan to build on the students’ weaknesses.

  • How does the Student-Learning Mentor-Director feedback loop help?

It ensures that 1) learning mentors are kept accountable for their students’ progress 2) the director is fully involved with your child’s progress and takes the necessary actions to bring their grades up quickly.


  • Feedback loop 2: Director-Parent

Regular progress reports and surveys are provided to parents to ensure their complete satisfaction with our services.

  • How does the Director-Parent feedback loop help?

It ensures that 1) there is open communication between the parents and MyGradeBooster 2) parents are involved in their child’s progress.


Do you have any sort of guarantees for the  tutoring sessions?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every tutoring session.

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