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Students often feel that assessments = tests = grades = judgement. This association causes many students to give up trying because they do not want to risk another failure. Starting in their elementary school years, it is important to build confidence and help young students to understand how assessments help them learn.


Elementary School Math Tutoring

 We use JUMP Math for remedial work and Singapore Math (popular method used in Vancouver homeschooling as well as in some Vancouver private schools) once the student is more confident in math. JUMP Math is great for students who are struggling and have low confidence in their math skills, whereas Singapore Math challenges students to reach new heights in solving math problems.

Vancouver math tutoring classes take place in the comfort of your home, at a time convenient for you. As part of our guaranteed quality and accountability, you will closely work with the company director to ensure your complete satisfaction with our tutoring services.

Elementary School Reading and Writing Tutoring

Writing is a core skill in life, not just for school. To improve reading and writing skills, our tutors have students write frequently during the tutoring sessions. Most students do not write enough to learn to do it well. Our in-home tutors help students become better readers of their own writing and teach them to be self-critical. We also understand the importance of exposing students to great writing. Students learn to write well through emulating good writing.  If they want to write a captivating narrative, we have them read and analyze captivating narratives. If they want to write a thorough research paper, we show them what a solid research paper looks like. When students hold models of great writing in their hands, they pay close attention to structure. They notice tone and voice and how these are incorporated to make the writing come to life.


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