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We offer academic Vancouver tutoring services to grades 1-12 in math, chemistry, physics, science, biology, English and French. Our guaranteed “A+ System” is a results-oriented approach that ensures a student and “Learning Mentor” fit coupled with a Learning Management System that ensures progress and full accountability.

Learning Mentors work directly with students while our academic coaches work behind the scenes to track student performance and stay in close communication with the parents and students. Monthly progress reports are based on the collaborative work and reports given by the Learning Management System, Learning Mentors, and Academic Coaches. Your academic team will ensure maximum success and improvement in grades.

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What Do You Do?

  • We provide a range of results focused educational Vancouver tutoring services in the Greater Vancouver area in high school math, chemistry, physics, science, and biology.

How Do You Do That?

  • Guaranteed A+ System Student/Tutor fit
  • !00% Satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Unique “Learning Mentors” (Tutors) Qualifying Process
  • Innovative Learning Management System
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Student Progress
  • Special Progress Reports for Parents
  • Use all three pillars (System, People & Education) to boost students’ learning performance
  • Creators of “Learning Mentor” Success Principles

So What? What Results Do You Achieve?

  • Committed to improve grade results
  • Committed to delivering an enjoyable experience
  • Genuinely care about our clients
  • Track record of success with previous clients
  • Professional, credible and qualified Vancouver tutoring educational team
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