Amazing group of hardworking educators!

I’ve been working with Mehrnaz and MyGradeBooster as both a mentor and administrative support since 2013, and it has been both a positive and extremely rewarding experience. Every single student has taught me so much about unique knowledge, learning styles, patience, and compassion. The families and students I have worked with have become more like family over the years, and it has been such a privilege to be a part of their child(ren’s) education. There is a sense of community working with MyGradeBooster because everyone; not just the students and parents, but also Mehrnaz, the support staff and other mentors are invested in the growth and education of the students. Mehrnaz is a kind, friendly and hardworking leader, who has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share, is supportive and cares about every single mentor and family she works with.

Great Experience

I have worked for MyGradeBooster for the past two years, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The company is very well set up to support both mentors and students. There are plenty of support materials available to ensure the students’ success, including extra books and online testing materials. Mehrnaz makes sure each student is matched up with the right tutor, and is on track with everyone’s progress. I highly recommend MyGradeBooster for everyone, from students and their parents, to tutors who are looking for a very structured teaching experience.

I have immensely enjoyed my

I have immensely enjoyed my experience as a mentor in MyGradeBooster. I can really appreciate the strong organization and collaboration placed into building this tutoring system, and I can only say that Mehrnaz does a wonderful job! She is very dedicated to the company, so mentors and students alike benefit from her efforts.


I don’t even know where to begin as I have been nothing but impressed by the service and results of the tutors from My Grade Booster. The service received was professional, accommodating and more than I expected. My son’s grades improved drastically within months and much of it is attributed to the system they have in place in assessment and creating a study plan catered specifically to him. I highly recommend this tutoring company, not only will your child’s grade’s improve but they will take with them learning tools that will service them well into post secondary and graduate schools.

Great company

I enjoy working with MyGradeBooster because I know that I’m working with a team, not just with my students. The support I get is invaluable.

Thank you

Thank you for all of the support you and Emily gave me during my grade 12 year. I couldn’t have done it without MyGradeBooster.

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