How To Choose A Course 5/5 (1)

When the time comes to choose a course to take, the decision making process may branch off into two distinct paths trailing into subsequently different thought spirals: being overwhelmed by the choices (whether for better or for worse) or on … Read the rest

8 Tips for Choosing the Right University 5/5 (6)

The transition from high school to university is a big and important one. This may be the first big decision you make about your education, and where you choose to study will dictate a large part of your life for … Read the rest

Your Teen Probably Isn’t Prepared For University 5/5 (8)

Too many students move through elementary and most of high school without putting in much effort, because thanks to No-Fail, No-Zero school policies, no one is held back even when they’re not ready to move to the next grade.

When … Read the rest

The Goal of Canadian High Schools for University Bound Students No ratings yet.


What is the goal of high school in the 21st century? Since a high school diploma seems no longer sufficient for even the lower level jobs, the goal of high school is to prepare students and give them the … Read the rest

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