Skills Development

Study Skills Development

High school students today are facing unprecedented challenges and pressures. MyGradeBooster’s home Vancouver tutoring services are specifically designed to strengthen the crucial skills students need to excel in high school and beyond.

We work with students in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver to successfully improve their performance in the following areas:

Test Taking. Students need strong test taking skills to convey their knowledge throughout their high school and university careers. Unfortunately, some students misinterpret test questions, can’t finish tests on time or are plagued by exam anxiety. But that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the material – they just need a little extra help honing their test taking skills.

Using material from the BC school curriculum, MyGradeBooster’s Learning Management System offers students a wide variety of opportunities to develop their test taking skills. Each home Vancouver tutoring services session is customized to work on a student’s individual needs, plus weekly progress is tracked and evaluated to develop his or her confidence in the exam room.

Study Skills. We believe that great students are made, not born. That’s why we use the MyGradeBooster system to show students how to learn. Our home tutors teach tips and strategies that improve study skills, time management, and organization, which are key to succeeding in high school, college or university. The sooner students learn and use these skills, the quicker they can strengthen their academic performance and reach their maximum potential.

Self-confidence. Self-confidence and independence allow students to feel comfortable answering unfamiliar and challenging questions on their own. This skill is one of the key ingredients for academic success in school and university, as it lets students use ideas and theories they already know to tackle something new. MyGradeBooster’s Learning Management System builds self-confidence through problem solving, and caters to each student’s objectives.

Transitions. The transition from middle school to high school is a tricky time for teenagers. Students must navigate a new school, make new friends and get to know new teachers, plus they face higher academic expectations to prepare themselves for university or college. At MyGradeBooster, we recognize these challenges and support our students in this transition to preserve their consistent academic achievement. Our home tutors keep an eye out for potential struggles with Grade 8 students, or those who have changed schools. If any issues arise, we work with parents, school teachers and counsellors to help students thrive.

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