Giving back is important to MyGradeBooster staff and tutors as it helps us create stronger bonds and connections to our Vancouver community. Each time we give to others, we learn more about ourselves and we often get unimaginable gifts in return.

Our Outreach program was introduced in 2014 and our goal is to complete a minimum of 5 projects per year. We welcome and encourage MyGradeBooster students and tutors to participate, lead, or initiate Outreach projects they are passionate about.


1. Our staff volunteered at community events organized by QMUNITY

2. We initiated the in house program, I’m Not a Bum and completed the Summer Fruit project, distributing refreshments in downtown east side

3.  Served lunches at luncheon organized by Feed the Hungry

4.  Our staff volunteered at QMUNITY Gab Youth Program weekly drop-ins

5. Clothing Drive! Donated 72 pieces of clothing to the Salvation Army


1. Our staff volunteered at community events organized by QMUNITY

2. The 7 Habits of Effective Students workshops presented by our Director for the Soroptimist International’s Empowerment Girl Talks event

3. Donated produce to Feed the Hungry to make meals for 119 guests in the Downtown Eastside

4. Covered training costs for a foster rescue dog to overcome issues with dog aggression

5. Donated 59 pieces of clothing to the Salvation Army

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