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The key to becoming a successful tutor in Vancouver is connection. In my 12 years of mentoring, I have seen many challenges when it comes to working with students. I have experienced students that are unmotivated, who lack confidence, or they do not test well- all of which make achieving their grade goals difficult. The ability to relate to these kids makes all the difference. When I meet a new student I try to get to know them. I am genuinely curious and interested in their lives, and I want them to feel comfortable with me. I am not only concerned about their academic lives, but I also try to get an understanding of their social and family interactions, because I want to relate to them. By building rapport with my students, not only do they look up to me as a mentor, but also as a peer. The trust that is established is what helps them to succeed. Most often kids need the one-on-one time from someone who will listen and empathize with them to help them gain confidence and motivation. As a mentor I feel successful at the end of a session when my students are confident in their abilities and are excited to learn.
– Mehrnaz Bassiri, Founder and Director


Vancouver Tutor Interviews

So what is it that you should look for when choosing a mentor for your child? These are the three most important things that I consider during our hiring process for MyGradeBooster mentors. The most obvious, of course, is someone who is knowledgeable in the subject they teach. Secondly, mentors also need to be able to communicate well. It is not enough to be knowledgeable if they cannot explain the topic well. Lastly, but most importantly, when hiring new mentors I look for people who share my values in the importance of connecting with their students.


MyGradeBooster’s Academic Tutors

MyGradeBooster tutors are leaders with exemplary interpersonal skills. They have impressive list of achievements and are role models for young students.  The common denominator of our mentors is that they all genuinely care about the well-being of their students. As a local business owner in Vancouver, I take great pride in the work that we do because we can see how much of an impact it has in our community. At MyGradeBooster we root for our students. We encourage them to realize their own potential and greatness so that they can achieve their goals with confidence.

Characteristics of MyGradeBooster tutors in Vancouver, with each tutor possessing key skills

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