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Vancouver Tutoring for Grades 8-12

We use data-driven decision making in which we gather evidence of student achievement and then discuss next steps with the parents. We gather this information informally through the sessional reports emailed to parents at the end of sessions and formally on a regular monthly progress follow ups. The frequent assessments and reporting have allowed us to raise students’ grades quickly.

Our Vancouver tutoring services are the best choice for fast and sustainable increase in grades for high school students.  We typically see 10-20% grade improvement with only 1-2 months of tutoring. Many ‘A’ student in middle school all of a sudden drop to B’s and C’s in high school. The transition from middle school to high school is significant in a teens life. With MyGradeBooster’s academic tutoring team, students get back on track quickly. The key here is timing. If you see your child struggling, it is best to seek tutoring immediately as opposed to waiting until things get worse.

We understand how significant high school years are to students and their parents. Our Vancouver high school tutoring courses include: maths 8, maths 9, maths 10, maths 11, and maths 12 tutoring as well as tutors in science 8, science 9, science 10, chemistry 11, chemistry 12, physics 11, physics 12, biology 11, and biology 12, English and social studies.

We provide productive learning techniques with knowledgeable, caring and passionate tutors who have extensive knowledge of the BC school curriculum and are committed to excellence. With MyGradeBooster, you will be working with a team of educators that prioritize results-oriented tutoring and students progress.   Our goal is to deliver the best results and impress the families we work with.

Our in-home tutoring services are available throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.


Mehrnaz Bassiri is the founder and director of MyGradeBooster Tutoring, an award winning K-12 academic mentoring company in Vancouver. Mehrnaz is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and the Daily Zen and is the recipient of the 2014 Youth Entrepreneur Award sponsored by Futurpreneur Canada.

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