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Results You Can Expect from our Chemistry Tutoring

Learning chemistry can be tricky as students can’t see atoms or molecules so they have to use their imagination to learn about the science of matter. We have successfully helped our visual and kinesthetic learners through tutorials that are customized for their needs. Each student learns differently, therefore each chemistry tutoring lesson is unique and specifically designed for the particular student.

Our chemistry tutoring sessions will focus on explaining the concepts the student has missed and ensuring that they are able to use the knowledge and apply it to answering questions. Chemistry is similar to math. A lot of practice is needed to become comfortable with manipulating equations and working with data. Once the student has a good understanding of the subject they start to enjoy learning about this fascinating subject.


Why is Chemistry Tutoring Important for Struggling Students

Chemistry can be an enjoyable subject if the student understands the material. However, for those who have knowledge gaps, working through chemistry questions can be daunting. Chemistry is a subject that is a requirement for many post secondary fields. A lot of university majors require completion of at least the first year chemistry courses. Therefore, if the student has not fully grasped the concepts at high school level they will have a hard time with the advance material. A strong knowledge of the subject will help the student to successfully complete their academic journey in post secondary.


About our Chemistry Tutoring in Vancouver

Our high school chemistry tutoring sessions in Vancouver focus on the laws and theories of particles and their interaction with each other. Chemistry can be a fun subject, however if the student is struggling in school then they may not see it that way. There are a few tricks and tips in Vancouver chemistry 11 and 12 courses that make calculations much easier and straight forward for students. Our tutors help students find the best way to approach answering their chemistry questions while ensuring that students understand the concepts fully.


Testimonial from a Vancouver Parent


Just a note to say that Humaam who has been tutoring my son has been the perfect mentor. [My son] says he looks forward to his weekly sessions.

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