When is tutoring and hiring a tutor a waste of parents’ money? 5/5 (1)

When is tutoring and hiring a tutor a waste of parents’ money?

Hiring a good tutor/mentor is money well spent. A good mentor will not only help children with their struggling subjects, but often inspire students and have a significant impact on their academic careers. Spending money on tutoring is wasteful only when the child sees no improvement in their grades or confidence, or worse, when the child’s confidence drops even lower after working with a tutor. When this happens, both parents and children may generalize their disappointing experience and lose confidence in tutors and tutoring altogether. They scratch the idea of having a tutor, and the child continues to struggle and dislike school, not reaching their full potential and not knowing that school does not have to be so hard.

Here are a few suggestions to consider when hiring a tutor to ensure your child gets the maximum value for their efforts.

If your child is struggling, asking the tutor for once-a-week lessons will not cut it.

Children struggle due to unresolved knowledge gaps that have piled up over the years. It is important to recognize that tutors need time to work with the child to eliminate the knowledge gaps so the child is caught up with his/her class. Hiring a tutor to work with your child just once a week is not enough when a child has been struggling. At MyGradeBooster, we recommend the following tutorial hours to our customers as we have seen results within 1-3 months with the following tutoring schedules:

1.5 hours / week for students who are within 5% of their grade goals
3.0 hours / week for students who are within 25% of their grade goals

Parents are encouraged to hire tutorials only if they are ready to commit to the tutorial time needed to see improvement. Without giving the tutor and your child the sufficient time they need together, even the best tutor will not be able to accomplish much, and you would have wasted your money.

Not all tutors can teach, and not all teachers can tutor

Hiring a tutor is the most important step as with the right tutor you will be able to see significant results within only 1-3 months of tutoring. The tutor does not need to be a school teacher, although school teachers can be good tutors. Students, especially those interested in pursuing non-teaching careers, can benefit immensely from working with tutors who are already in their field of interest. If you are using Craigslist or other tutor-classified ads, it is important to perform thorough interviews to ensure that they are good. How will you know you have hired a good tutor? Listen in and also ask your child after the first lesson to see what (s)he thought about the tutor. Trust your intuition as most times you will have a correct assessment of the tutor after just one lesson. Finding a good tutor is challenging and requires patience. At MyGradeBooster, we typically hire only 10% of the candidates that apply to tutor, so be prepared to go through a few before you find the right one for your child.

Don’t let the price tag fool you

Don’t get too excited if a tutor charges $15/hr, and don’t get too discouraged if another charges $60/hr. Good tutors often ask for what they are worth, but they will take less time to give results. However, not all expensive tutors are good, and not all cheap tutors save you money. You will have to determine their skills during the first lesson to determine how the value the tutor brings to you compares with the price tag. If your tutor who charges $60/hr can give your child significant results within 1-3 months, they have not only eliminated a big stress for you and your family, they have also given your child the hope and confidence they need to continue their achievement, which tends to spill over into other areas of their lives. As a rule of thumb, if the tutor you have hired (no matter the price tag), is unable to show any results after 3 months of tutoring, it is time to let them go.

Do not overload your child

Some kids are overloaded with extracurricular activities. They are so tired all the time that they are unable to focus during the lessons. If the child is doing well in school, then being involved in extracurricular activities is not a problem. However, if they are struggling, their academic needs must be prioritized, especially if you are spending the money to engage a tutor. Consistent poor performance in school can potentially lead children to convince themselves that they are not good enough and give up trying altogether. With the right planning and strategic tutoring, children can perform well in school and follow their extracurricular activities.

Be involved in your child’s education

Improving a child’s academic performance is achieved through teamwork. The team members include you, your child, their tutor, school teachers and the company director (if you have hired a company). If all team members work together, the child will start seeing initial results as early as 2-4 weeks after the beginning of tutorials. Teamwork does not mean micro-managing and helicopter parenting. All team members must feel comfortable and have the creative flexibility in doing their part. Once you have hired an amazing tutor for your child, trust that they will do their job well, and refrain from asking for too much extra work that takes up the tutor’s personal time. A brief written or oral progress report after each lesson is a great way to keep track of your child’s progress.

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Characteristics of a Good Tutor No ratings yet.

Knowing the subject material is important. On top of qualifications, there are certain qualities that the great tutors possess which have nothing to do with any type of certification.

1. Patience

Regardless of how skilled or knowledgeable you are, if you lack the patience to transfer that knowledge, you simply cannot be a good tutor. Excellent tutors know that each student learn at their own pace and sometimes, the most difficult pupils are the ones that hold the greatest potential – if you have the patience to wait and see.

2. Make people comfortable around you

The ability to put others at ease is an essential characteristic of every good tutor. In order to learn, one needs to feel comfortable. The best tutors are able to have a friendly, casual conversation with their pupils which puts the students’ minds at ease and motivate them to learn.

3. Passion

Sure, you are an expert in your field, but do you feel passionate about it? If you really want to be a great tutor, you need to have passion. You can always spot the good tutor just by the look in their eyes and the way they talk about their subject. Someone who loves what they teach is the one who can motivate you enough to learn.

4. People skills

Last but not least, the good tutor will care about their students. They’ll address each and every one with their full and undivided attention and a special, personalized approach. The good tutor knows how to address each student and how to work with them in order to achieve best results. Tutoring is, after all, a noble profession that involves not only the ability to teach others, but the desire to do it.


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When does tutoring not work? No ratings yet.

When does tutoring not work?


Hiring a tutor and setting up routine tutorials has a great potential to boosting grades. However, occasionally you will hear parents saying that they did hire a tutor but the situation didn’t improve for their student. What is important to realize is that tutors are not magicians and just because parents hired a tutor doesn’t mean they found the remedy to success. If you are looking to hire a tutor, be sure to read the following points.


  1. When parents make a decision to hire a tutor, they must make sure the tutor is knowledgeable, had great interpersonal skills, and has an appropriate reference/background check. It is not easy to find great tutors. Be sure that they can break down complex topics into easy to understand, bite size pieces of information.
  2. Once you found a great tutor and start tutorial sessions it is important to choose the right number of hours/week to make sure that the tutor is not just helping your student with their school homework, but actually reinforcing concepts and information so that your student fully understands. If the tutor is only helping your student with homework then you are only masking the problem as opposed to solving it. The homework handed in by that student is not their own work and this will be evident in test/exam time. So how many hours/week should your student see their tutor? It really depends on how much improvement is desired. If the grade gap between where the student currently is and where they want to be is less than 5% then 1-1.5 hours/week is ideal for the tutor and the student to work together. If the grade gap is 5-10%, we recommend 1.5-2.5 hours/week (depending on the student’s motivation level). If the student needs more than 10% grade improvement then more time is required to not only help the student understand and do well on their homework, but also to help the student with study skills, creating learning habits and doing extra practice questions.
  3. Your student should be seeing their tutor in smaller chunks of time (1-1.5 hours) per session a few times a week rather than a big chunk of time once a week. The shorter, more frequent tutoring sessions will help your student to refresh their learning more frequently, allowing information to move into their longterm memory.


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How to make homework time less frustrating? No ratings yet.

What’s homework time like in your household? Do you struggle with your kids doing homework? Do they constantly say ‘I don’t have homework’ (even though you know it’s probably not true)? Does no work gets done unless you sit with them while they complete their homework or study?

Homework issues cause  a lot of conflicts and stress in many families. It doesn’t feel good neither for the parents nor for the kids. Sometimes it takes more time and effort to sit your kids down to do homework than the homework itself.

Homework time doesn’t have to be filled with anger, discouragement, frustration, and hurt. Parents need to set a few rules in order to establish homework habits in their kids. The earlier parents do this the better. Even though kids will not be happy about these sudden rules, parents must remain firm until overtime the rules become part of their routine life and their resistance fades.


* Have a set homework time everyday.

Kids need to be doing homework, studying, memorizing, practicing, reviewing their school subjects every day. Primary school students need a minimum 1 hour/day and middle and secondary school students should be doing homework 1.5-2.5 hours/day. Establishing routine homework and study habits allows your kids to not have to face the nagging worry/anxiety about when, or if, they will be able to force themselves to start working. Also, learning to review or do extra practice when there is no official homework assigned by the teacher is a good way to eliminate cramming during exams. Make sure kids do homework and study on weekends as well. Parents should not allow an entire 2 day breaks in routines. If you want to give them time off, give them Sunday off and make it a family day instead.


* Set homework time the same time every evening and have a time limit.

This is the same if your child has tutors and gets tutoring lessons. Make sure these sessions are at the same time every evening, if possible. This is best at establishing homework or tutoring as routine. Also, parents should speak to their child’s teacher about how much homework/independent review the child should be doing and make sure that your child is not spending too much more than that every night. Do not allow your kids to think they have the whole night to do their homework. If your child is struggling in their homework, be sure to get help from the teacher or hire a tutor as soon as possible.


*  Eliminate distractions during homework time.

If your child has a phone, take the phone away or turn it completely off. A lot of times kids keep checking their phone even if the volume is turned down to see if they have any messages. Remove anything else – video games, computers, toys, pets, etc. from the room.  It’s actually not productive for kids to be listening to music while studying or doing homework unless it is baroque music. Once they finish their homework time, they can begin their play and leisure activity.

During elementary years parents should be helping their kids with homework and monitoring their work. Help them get started by going through what needs to be done and together coming up with a plan of action. Then leave your kids to do independent work and 10 minutes before the homework session ends check over what they accomplished. Praise them on 3 things they did good on and then tell them about 3 things you will help them to improve on.


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Quality tutoring methods – Vancouver Tutoring Services No ratings yet.

How to find the best tutors in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver?


MyGradeBooster is an expert in delivering high quality tutoring in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. What has made MyGradeBooster tutors and tutoring sessions ‘high quality’? We have done a lot of research to determine how students learn, what tutoring and learning strategies are effective, what feedback systems need to be in place to hold everyone accountable, and how parents can best get involved with their children’s education. All of our methods are evidence and research based and have been proven  effective over the years. Here, we list and describe 5 of those. It is crucial to ensure these factors are met in your child’s tutor and tutoring sessions in order to achieve successful tutoring that gives results.


  1. High quality tutoring starts with the tutor and student setting specific goals to work towards. The goals are ambitious, reasonable, measurable, and meaningful to the student.
  2. High quality tutors and tutoring service providers work closely with parents, involving them in the student’s performance, progress, and in motivating the student to work hard.
  3. High quality tutors plan and strategize every session, with each session focusing on getting the student’s grades and confidence to match their goal.
  4. High quality tutoring services monitor the child’s progress and work closely with the student’s parents and tutor to ensure full accountability and quick results through collaboration, planning, and feedback analysis.
  5. High quality tutoring services continually increase their tutor’s effectiveness through support and encouraging critical reflection on the student’s learning progress, attempting to identify weaknesses and implementing solutions.


The result of high quality tutors and tutoring method is that the student becomes convinced that they CAN achieve their goals and confidence. The student will start seeing homework and studying as rewarding and worthwhile rather than daunting tasks.


MyGradeBooster offers tutoring services in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Our results oriented approach is coupled with routine communication with parents to ensure a quick boost in grades. If you have any question regarding our Vancouver in home tutoring services, email us at info[at]mygradebooster.com.


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Thank you for visiting MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services of Vancouver on the web. We offer Grades 1-12. Please contact us if you have any questions about MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services. MyGradeBooster Tutoring Services proudly serves Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding areas. We work hard to be your choice for grades 1-12 tutoring in Vancouver!

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Why do Vancouver high school students struggle with math? No ratings yet.

Why do high school students struggle in math?


Whenever we ask our Vancouver high school students ‘what is the most difficult school subject?”, the majority answer “math”.  So why is high school math so difficult?


One of the main reasons math becomes so difficult in high school is that being good in math requires practice, persistence, and patience. Students need to understand the math concepts rather than to memorize the steps – and in order for the brain to grasp a concept, it needs to practice, practice, practice. In high school, students’ workload increases for every subject, including math. All of a sudden, in order to get the same mark they did in middle school, they need to work harder. Also, since many students get involved in extracurricular or volunteer activities through out their high school years, they are left with even less time for studying.


An important point to consider is that math is a cumulative subject, which means you have to gain understanding of the primary school basics before you can learn the more advanced, high school topics. If a student was getting a C in middle school, this means he/she wasn’t understanding almost half of the material taught in class. Since the students doesn’t have a strong foundation, understanding of the harder, more advanced topics become increasingly challenging.


What can parents do to help their kids?

In high school classroom sizes increase and teachers don’t have the time nor the energy to ensure that every single student understands every concept. Once parents detect math problems with their child, they must act quickly to get them up to speed, before they fall ever farther behind.


The first thing is to make sure your child isn’t drowning in extracurricular activities. It’s important to be involved in activities outside of school, but grades should be set as priority if you really want your child to improve.


Secondly, speak with your child’s teacher to discuss and brainstorm ideas about what the problem may be. Is it that your child is struggling emotionally at school with bullying, peer pressure, etc? Is the home environment not conducive to productive studying? Or does he/she just needs some extra help in understanding the material more clearly?


Hire a GOOD tutor, not just a tutor. Even if a good tutor is more expensive, you will end up saving money as  your child won’t need as much time to see results. A good tutor will also be able to help your child with learning skills and monitor your child’s study habits.


MyGradeBooster offers in home tutoring services to high school students (grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12) in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. Our tutors specialize in math, science, chemistry, physics, and biology tutoring. 

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