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With so much going around, it has become a problem for many teens to concentrate. Their lack of concentration is affecting this ability to produce quality as well as their grades. Since better problem-solving skills are correlated to concentration and increased attention span, therefore it is important for the teens to learn how to concentrate. The important question here is; how to teach teens to concentrate. In the course of this article, we will elaborate on 4 best tips that would help a teenager to concentrate for a longer period of time.
Make concentration a part of normal life
Increasing concentration level involves a number of tips and techniques, in kids you can use games like eye-spy or memory games for them to retain and pay attention. These activities can be performed when the child is young, however, when it comes to adults you need to adopt a different style and attitude.  For teens, especially for 12th graders, it is imperative for both teachers and parents to teach them how to concentrating using means and things that interest them. For instance, you can assign lyrics to a student who is struggling with poetry. This might trigger the interest of the student and he/she might end up paying more attention and spending quality time on it, increasing the overall concentration level.
Despite the fact that we want teens to pursue their interest, it is also important for them to become more well-rounded individuals. To so, they might have to do a couple of things that are not as enjoyable as the rest are. As teens, once they enter the university and during their career as adults, they would be required to perform some mundane tasks. Teens that have only been focusing on tasks that interest them would have trouble during this time of their life.
Physical activities help improve concentration in teens
Physical activities are always considered to be one of the best ways to increase concentration level in not only kids but also teens. In a study conducted by, students were tested following a twenty minute resting period; the next day they were tested following a 20-minute walking period. According to the results, students performed better after the walking session as compared to the other lot.
Not only this, sports in them has the ability to teach students a number of things related to maintaining their focus. For example, skateboarding can teach kids perseverance and endurance. Both these factors directly affect the concentration level of the students.
Be Realistic when teaching teens how to concentrate
At this age, students are in the process of learning how to handle their life. Therefore, as a parent and as a teacher, it is your responsibility that you should expect only what they can deliver. Since there is a lot of workload at school, and they want to have some fun afterward, they would require a good, organized schedule, but this does not mean parents start micro-managing, on the contrary, they should allow them to set the schedule and aid in the process.
Remove Distractions
For teens to concentrate for a longer period of time, it is important to remove all types of distractions. Distractions always come at a price – the loss of concentration. You might think it is obvious, but when teens are studying, they need to have space. Even if this means music in the background or a healthy snack after every hour or no one going to their room while they are studying. You should comply accordingly.

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