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Tip for tutors: Using inquiry-based learning approach in tutoring 5/5 (2)

For decades now teachers and educational system throughout the world are working towards the betterment of the current educational system. Extensive research has been conducted in order to find better and improved ways of teaching and educating children.  This development is not done at a national level, but almost every country in the world is joining hands in order to improve the future educational system. This extensive research has led to perhaps one of the most effective teaching system so far: the inquiry-based learning approach.
A large number of tutors have quickly understood the success of this approach and thus they have started to implement it already. In order to make the inquiry-based learning approach effective and efficient; we have listed some really good tips for the teachers.
Planning the lecture
Yes, the key is to go with the flow, but that does not mean that you should allow your students to de-track you. As a tutor, it is your responsibility and job to make sure that the results are going in the right direction. If you do not plan your lecture before time, there is a high possibility that during the lecture you are bound to get distracted. Allow students to ask questions, but be sure to reframe those questions in accord with your topic and then ask them again. This will encourage students to ask question according to that particular topic.
Pause and change course when needed
When a child is allowed to question whatever comes in his/her mind, he or she is bound to come up with questions that are not relevant to the topic at hand. It is the tutor’s job to ensure that they students are always on the right track. When they ask questions that are not relevant, the teacher should take a pause and change the course of the discussion. He/she can do that by simply asking questions of his/her own.
Involving students in the inquiry classroom
In order to engage all the students in the classroom, it is important that you provide each and everyone equal opportunity to contribute. To do that you can start by dividing your students into two small groups. Assign task and time to each group and allow them to compete with each other. This will encourage every student in the group to put in more effort in order to win. It also challenges students to test their abilities.
Don’t tell facts, on the contrary, let them learn
A famous adage “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand” is the perfect depiction of the inquiry-based classrooms. Instead of simply telling the students fact, it is imperative that you allow them to probe on their own. If you go about telling facts, they are bound to get bored and distracted. However, if you allow them to come up with their own conclusion, they will pay heed to whatever is going on in the classroom.

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Practical Reasons That Have Made Digital Education More Proactive No ratings yet.

Digital Education means using the latest technology and advancements in digital infrastructure to facilitate better teaching and learning conditions for both students and teachers. Internet and thus digital education have completely revolutionized the way learning now happens in classrooms or at home. The old paradigms of using a blackboard and chalks are gone, and screens and interactive programs have taken their places. Every leading education centre, be it a school or a college or a training centre, already has all the latest equipment and tools to promote digital education. Teachers once used to create stories and spend a great deal of time in order to improve the quality of their teaching methods so that every student could understand better and learn equally. Increasing the interest of students is not an issue anymore because there are many ways available now to learn the same thing in a better manner. Students who tend to have problems understanding the teaching method of a teacher can now have thousands of other teachers using the internet.
The learning place is no more bounded by the four walls of the classroom where a number of students take lessons from a single teacher. Now effective and proactive learning can take place from the comfort of home and that too being one-on-one with the teacher on a digital learning platform. Students now no longer need to worry about keeping pace with the rest of the students. They may take all the time they want to learn a subject. The credit for this goes to the lectures and notes that are so easily available to the kids these days. Digital education emphasises more on practical knowledge rather than just cramming your way through exams. Students can now learn through well detailed 3D structures rather than old-school 2D textbooks. Advanced and updated software are easily available that take learning to a whole new level. Apart from just teachers and students point of view, digital education also ensures transparency and complete parental control over what a child is learning.
Over the past few years, a number of websites have come up that connect students and teachers from all across the world. Online tutoring is one of the strongest outcomes of digital education. Instead of coping with the average teacher that a student has access to, he/she can easily take lessons from the teacher of his/her choice from anywhere around the world. All these students need is a laptop and an internet connection. They can have access to videos which they can watch whenever they want. Online tutoring has also created opportunities for people to spread knowledge and share their experiences and expertise in their respective fields. Anyone can do it, be it a professional teacher or a retired employee, or a teenager or an housewife from the comfort of their homes and earn money easily. They can teach part-time, full-time or as a freelancer according to the time they can devote. The options are many and the choices are endless. Digital education is improving and will continue to affect the lives of millions positively. It will also bring a revolutionary change in the whole teaching industry.

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