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Getting into good universities have become challenging, however, earning one’s keep and staying in one has become more of an issue for some students. It is not uncommon for kids to score extremely high grades >95%s in their high school courses. In fact, these extremely high grades have become too common. How is this possible? Have kids become geniuses? More and more do we see high school class averages of > 80% and yet student performance in many first year university courses are poor.

There is a systemic problem in our secondary school education system. Good marks are given out freely, giving students a false confidence and a false representation of their skills and abilities. Students are constantly set up for the biggest disappointment of their lives. It’s time to stop telling kids they are amazing at everything and start showing them the true picture of the reality. Sooner or later they will find out they are not a 99% student in science. If they are fortunate enough to have a good teacher, they will find that out before committing their time and money to the wrong post secondary degree. The true representation of their strengths and weaknesses only helps students strive towards learning better study skills, working harder, and dedicating themselves to self improvement.

The dramatic drop from high school to university negatively impacts students’ mental health as many find it hard to cope with the demands of their coursework. Many struggle with anxiety and depression and adopt the ‘as long as I pass’  bare minimum attitude.  Is this the attitude we want university grads to take into the workforce?

If you see that your child’s class average is very high it is likely that the mark you see in their report card is not a true representation of their abilities in that subject. Class averages should be around 65% for a high mark of 99% to mean anything. Class averages that are too high mean that kids are not being challenges enough to prepare them for post secondary studies at a university level.

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