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Are you a “helicopter” parent? If you find yourself hovering over your children and filling their daily schedules with more than enough tasks, you might be. Parents that are guilty of over-concern about their children often believe that this hypervigilance is a good thing, but in fact it could have severe negative effects on your child.

Many “helicopter” parents create rigid and packed student schedules for their children and fill their days with so many extracurricular activities that the children literally don’t have time for anything else. Helping your child is great and is most certainly bonding for both of you, but, as with any other thing, the key is moderation. You might want your child to be the best in everything they do, so you sign them up for as many extracurricular activities you can find.

The problem is that the packed schedules mean that your children can barely cope, they’ll feel stressed and exhausted all the time and will, almost certainly, start failing at least in one subject. When they do, they’ll feel guilty for disappointing you. In turn, this might result in a lack of confidence or low self-esteem. And if they truly need some extra help or tutoring, they won’t have enough free time in their schedule for it.

If you believe your child might need tutoring or want to include an extracurricular activity in their schedule, try to limit yourself to only one or two. This will give the child enough time to play and relax, and will also make tutoring more efficient. When your child has enough time to focus on both play and studying, the results are significantly better.

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