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Knowing the subject material is important. On top of qualifications, there are certain qualities that the great tutors possess which have nothing to do with any type of certification.

1. Patience

Regardless of how skilled or knowledgeable you are, if you lack the patience to transfer that knowledge, you simply cannot be a good tutor. Excellent tutors know that each student learn at their own pace and sometimes, the most difficult pupils are the ones that hold the greatest potential – if you have the patience to wait and see.

2. Make people comfortable around you

The ability to put others at ease is an essential characteristic of every good tutor. In order to learn, one needs to feel comfortable. The best tutors are able to have a friendly, casual conversation with their pupils which puts the students’ minds at ease and motivate them to learn.

3. Passion

Sure, you are an expert in your field, but do you feel passionate about it? If you really want to be a great tutor, you need to have passion. You can always spot the good tutor just by the look in their eyes and the way they talk about their subject. Someone who loves what they teach is the one who can motivate you enough to learn.

4. People skills

Last but not least, the good tutor will care about their students. They’ll address each and every one with their full and undivided attention and a special, personalized approach. The good tutor knows how to address each student and how to work with them in order to achieve best results. Tutoring is, after all, a noble profession that involves not only the ability to teach others, but the desire to do it.


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