Archives for March 2015

Characteristics of a Good Tutor No ratings yet.

Knowing the subject material is important. On top of qualifications, there are certain qualities that the great tutors possess which have nothing to do with any type of certification.

1. Patience

Regardless of how skilled or knowledgeable you are, if … Read the rest

The Goal of Canadian High Schools for University Bound Students No ratings yet.


What is the goal of high school in the 21st century? Since a high school diploma seems no longer sufficient for even the lower level jobs, the goal of high school is to prepare students and give them the … Read the rest

Canada – The Only G8 Country without a Federal Ministry of Education No ratings yet.


Canada is the only G8 country that does not have a Ministry of Education at a Federal level. We have Health Canada for issues related to our health. We have the Department of National Defence for our protection. But … Read the rest

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