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Having good listening skills isn’t just for the classroom. It comes in handy in all aspects of life and in all your relationships and connections. Here are some tips to improve your listening skills:

  • Concentrate on what is being said. Look at the person who is doing the talking and don’t get you mind and eyes wander. Stay focused on the speaker.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal cues. Many times when something is really important teachers will put more emphasis on sending you that message. Listen and watch for these messages.
  • Ask questions. Make sure you understand the lesson before leaving the class. If you are too shy to raise your hand in class, see your teacher after class to get things cleared up.
  • Take notes. Note taking will force you to pay attention to what is being said. Don’t worry about taking neat and tidy notes in class. Make sure you write all the important points and you understand the things you write. Then you can go home and re-write your notes neatly and keep them organized in a binder.

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