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Time Management Tips for BC High School Students No ratings yet.

Research shows that students with good time management skills are much more equipped with the tools they need to achieve success in school.   The earlier you learn to prioritize, organize, and manage your time, the sooner you will see improvement and reach your goals.

Here are some tips for taking control of your time and organizing your life.


Keep track of due dates and exam schedules


Use your school agenda or a wall calendar to write down all your school homework, upcoming quizzes, tests, project meetings, etc. This way you know what needs to get done and by when. Update your school agenda daily as new due dates are assigned. If you don’t know where to start, your tutor can help you get started and become organized.


Make a To-Do List Every Day.


Prioritize your daily schedule in such a way that you are completing the tasks from most important to least important. Write what you need to do in order of importance, come up with a timeline indicating what time you will start working on a project and what time you expect to get it done. Do this for all the other tasks on your list. Give yourself breaks in between to keep your energy up.


Learn to Say No. 

If your friends ask to you hang out and you have an exam the next day or haven’t completed your homework, know that it’s OK to say no. Keep your goal in sight and don’t lose track of your priorities.


Set up a Work Time Slot.

We all have the time slots when we work more efficient and do our best work. Find out when your work time slot is and do school work during those times. Stick to your schedule like glue!


Review Your School Notes Daily.

Look over what you learned each day and make sure you can follow your notes. If something doesn’t make sense clarify the problem areas with your teacher the next day. This way you will need less time studying it later on. You’ll also be ready if you have to take a pop quiz!


Stay Away from Using Technology Excessively.

Modern technologies and social media can be used as great tools to enhance and supplement your education. With that said, they can also be used for excessive waste of time and distraction. Pay attention to how much time you spend texting or chatting with your friends or exchanging unnecessary emails. Minimize wasted time to maximize your success.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Your brain needs rest to perform at its best. Lack of sleep leads to wasted times and un-productivity because the task at hand seems more difficult and challenging to tackle.


Plan For Fun Activities

Doing things you enjoy is important for leading a balanced life. Figure out how much free time you have each week before you add any commitments.


Procrastination Gets You No Where.

Instead of agonizing and procrastinating, get on it! Wasting an entire evening worrying about something that you are supposed to get done just increases your stress. Finish what you need to and then go have fun!

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Tips for Parents with School Children No ratings yet.

Teach your child the importance of keeping a calendar or an agenda and writing down the dates for all school events, tests, school projects, and extra-curricular activities. This teaches them early on how to manage their time and responsibilities. Check your child’s agenda book on a daily basis to ensure completion.

Help your child set a routine schedule for after school and weekend study times and other commitments and activities and make sure to stick to it! Eventually the schedule becomes second nature to your child and they will automatically know when the right time is for different activities.

Help your child find the right setting and environment to study or do homework. Some children study better with music, others need a quiet space. Some prefer to work at a table, and others like to sit on the floor. Experiment a few options and let them chose their preference.

Stay in touch with your child’s teacher or ask MyGradeBooster to get in touch with them to ask about your child’s progress. If your child is struggling with a personal issue, let the school and your tutor know so that they are aware of the situation.

Visit the local public library with your child and let them sign out books, videos, magazines, etc. The more exposed they are to reading and learning in fun ways the more likely they will develop an interest in it.

Take away your child’s cell phone and computer when they should be studying. Texting and chatting online breaks a child’s focus and concentration. No productive studying can come out of that.

Children thrive on encouragement. Be their cheerleader and provide support and encouragement even if the child has not performed well. It is important for them to understand that failure is a part of life, but that you should always get back on your feet and try again.

Encourage your child to talk to you and share stories from school. It is very important to form a friendship bond with your child so that they will feel comfortable confiding in you. This way, if they are having problems with a teacher, a friend, or a bully in school, they are more likely to tell you.

Stay in touch with MyGradeBooster. We are dedicated to your child’s success in school and we take our responsibilities seriously.

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