Math Tutors

Our Vancouver math tutors and the company director work together to significantly boost students’ skills. We go above and beyond for our students to offer a 100% customized and effective math program. Many of our once struggling math students have gone on to major in math fields such as finance, engineering, and economics after high school.

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English Tutors

MyGradeBooster’s English tutoring services are offered in Vancouver and focus on students’ writing and reading comprehension skills. Reading and writing skills are key for getting ahead in academics and life. Tutors help their students to achieve a strong foundation in their English courses and to become confident readers and writers. MyGradeBooster English tutors have a strong academic background and passion for English literature.

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Science Tutors

Our science tutors are passionate about their fields of study and inspire their students to ask questions about the world around them. Whether studying chemistry, biology, or physics, MyGradeBooster tutors help students appreciate their science courses and increase their performance in school. All of our tutors have strong academic backgrounds, and many are recipients of prestigious university scholarships.

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Learning Disabilities

We have worked with students who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, dyslexia, autism, output disorder, and memory issues. With a strategic learning plan, we have helped students with learning disabilities achieve great success. For example, we have helped students diagnosed with dyscalculia score 70%-80% on their math and those diagnosed with poor memory score 85-95% on their biology or social studies.

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